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How to send an SMS via the Internet?

What does it mean to send an SMS today? To begin with, you need to know that sending an SMS means to send a short message. The SMS is a service that is included in mobile phones and that allows for short messages between mobile devices.

Normally, telephone operators charge money for each SMS that you send. In today’s mobile phone, there is usually an app included with the function of sending and receiving SMS. 

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Publication: 09.21.2020
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However, there are other ways to send an SMS today when considering that personal use has been relegated for other platforms and using SMS for business is becoming more popular. This way is by using the Internet with a platform for this.

How to send an SMS through the Internet using LabsMobile?

LabsMobile is a webSMS or API SMS platform that allows you to send business SMS using the Internet. 

The steps to follow are:

  • You have to create an account in WebSMS. Once you’ve done this, you log in by introducing your email and password. Don’t forget to click on “I read the terms and accept”.
  • Once inside the main page, you can ask for your welcome pack by clicking in the tab “messages” on the superior part of the screen.
  • When you get to this section, fill in all the corresponding fields and make sure you save them.
  • Check whether you have available credits. This shows in a small, white square next to the tab “messages”.
  • Afterwards, you need to click on “Send SMS” and then “Basic delivery”.
  • Once you’ve done this, you need to write the mobile numbers you want the SMS to reach.

Send SMS via the Internet

  • You need to include a sender, which in this case is the name of your brand.
  • After this, you have to start writing your message. We recommend that you don’t include a long or complex message, so the person who is going to read it doesn’t get bored. 
  • Afterwards, you need to schedule a date for your SMS to be sent by clicking on the black square that appears next to this option and then clicking on the white square, where you’ll see an interactive calendar where you can choose date and time. 
  • Then, you have to click on “Send SMS”.

Monitor your SMS sent through the Internet

You can monitor the SMS that you sent entering in the field “Monitoring” in LabsMobile. It’s on the left side of the main page. You can also click on “stats” and then on “messages”.

Today, SMS are almost exclusively used for business, as personal messages have been overcome by other platforms like Whatsapp or Messenger. But it is true that these apps do not charge for each word you send, so you can write messages that are as long as you desire. 

However, the fact that SMS are not as used as before does not mean they are not useful, as this is one of the best options to promote your brand or company.

How to send an SMS via the Internet?

When sending an SMS through the Internet to a lot of people, you can increase your notoriety and, as a result, your income.

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