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How to receive SMS virtually?

How to receive SMS virtually? Display SMS on your PC using a virtual phone number with the LabsMobile SMS messaging platform.

Mobile phones have become the most common method of communication for most of the world. With their mobile phone, users are connected almost 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, meaning that an SMS sent to a mobile phone is almost guaranteed to reach the target audience – and that the recipient will read it and respond to the call-to-action.

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Publication: 02.04.2019
Última modificación: 10.03.2022

One of the main objectives of digital marketing is interaction. Being able to receive and display replies from your customers on a virtual platform after sending out an SMS campaign is vital to being able to maintain conversations with multiple users and effectively track what actions to take.

How to receive SMS virtually?

Businesses use bulk SMS messaging for all types of campaigns and information services. They are also used by customer service companies, and to send automated responses containing unique verification or authentication codes.

All these activities require a platform that can receive and display SMS to PC. It would be practically impossible to receive and reply with the speed and efficiency necessary from other types of devices, and you’d need several phone numbers operating simultaneously to receive the messages.

What is the number to receive SMS online?

Incoming phone numbers are virtual numbers, available in the majority of countries. They work like a normal phone number, but are restricted exclusively to receiving and sending SMS, and do not have other mobile phone functionality such as the ability to make calls or load chat applications.

In Spain and Latin America, messaging platform LabsMobile provides incoming long numbers, and does not have short number formats available.  

The cost of an incoming phone number

The incoming phone number has a small monthly cost, based on the number of messages sent. LabsMobile provides different-sized ‘packages’ of messages, which businesses can purchase on a monthly basis depending on the number of SMS they are looking to send.

If a business wants to send 1,000 SMS per month, the cost per SMS is 0.055, the monthly cost would be €55. As the volume increases, the price per SMS decreases. If a company decides to send 25,000 SMS, the cost per message would be around €0.045.


The best features of the platform

  • All inbound SMS are displayed in an inbox, that can be monitored in the LabsMobile platform.
  • Bi-directional messages: each message displays the conversation in its entirety, including the responses from both parties in chat form.
  • Contacts lists and personalized databases can be stored within the platform in compliance with data storage regulation.
  • Statistics and analytics

It is also possible to create landing pages to send SMS with LabsMobile. All of these features make LabsMobile one of the most flexible and functional platforms on the market.

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