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How to organize a massive SMS campaign

Today, any useful marketing campaign is based on a multichannel strategy. 

The digital world gives us varied and useful tools and the key to success may be the knowledge of how to combine them according to your needs. One of the ingredients that cannot be left out in a marketing campaign (no matter your field) is sending massive SMS. In our article today, we want to explain to you how to organize your campaign and optimize it by using SMS. Shall we?

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Publication: 08.02.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022

Why should you include massive SMS in your marketing strategy? 

This is a question you have probably asked yourself at some point. The answer is very clear: because it’s one of the channels with an excellent open rate (around 94% and 98%) and it has been proven to be successful when building loyalty, increasing sales, and improving brand perception because it is a direct way of communication. That’s great, right? Well, there are even more perks to SMS:

  • Velocity: the average time between getting an SMS and reading it is around 1.30 minutes, which gives the SMS a quick impact. Especially if you compare the time to other channels. Email marketing, for example, is around 24 hours for opening and many of them are never opened, in fact. 
  • Profitability: a high and quick open rate make this channel very profitable because it gets a lot of impact that other channels don’t achieve, with a very low cost than ads in social media, for example. In this way, you can take advantage of your budget in a smarter way.
  • Relevance: the saturation of certain mediums, such as social media or emails, make SMS a channel with more succes in a marketing campaign. Following a study made by Georgia Tech, around 112 emails are sent everyday, which results in full inboxes and the impossibility of reading all of them. An SMS, in turn, is a less saturated medium and has a bigger impact. It’s also more relevant because people receive less of them in general and get push notifications on their smartphone screen. This system helps users receive notifications every time they get a text message.
  • Universal: SMS are compatible with any kind of mobile device in the whole world without the need of using software or apps.

As we can see, there are many advantages to consider, but how do we organize our campaign?

Organize your massive SMS campaign

To organize your campaign, the first need to consider is to have a good database. In this database lies the bigger part of your success when sending text messages. It’s important for it to be:

  • Updated: no non-existent numbers, false contacts, old numbers, duplicates...
  • With the express consent of your receivers: a vital point to comply with the law and avoid future problems. If you have doubts, you can always take a look at the Robinson's list.
  • Well organized and segmented. this will allow you to send messages to the type of public you want and optimize your results.

Segmentation: divide and conquer

Another vital point before getting your hands dirty is to have a good segmentation of your contacts to achieve better results. If you have segmented, you can personalize the content with the information of your contacts that’s relevant to your campaign (name, location, etc) which will improve your success notably. 

In the same vein, segmenting will let you send more precise messages, your offers will reach more clients who are actually interested, choose the place where your business is more successful, etc. In this way, you’ll take advantage of your budget and carry out more effective SMS campaigns. 

Even though it can be a bit tedious, it’s very interesting to take your time to:

1Identity user profiles to target 

2Classify your contacts according to useful variables (age, sex, geographic area), combining them as you see fit.

3Detect clients that are more interested in your products and services. 

4Create lists with different factors.

You can do it manually, with Excel sheets, or specific tools for this. 

The importance of copy: creating clear, concise, and effective messages

Starting with a good database and having clear segmentation practices is the first step. The second one to organize your mass SMS campaign is to have your message in mind and your objective public. 

For this, it’s important to spend some minutes creating an effective copy. On the internet, there are many free tools that make your task easier but you should hre a professional copywriter to adapt your message to your needs. 

Just take into account that your copy should be concise and impactful while efficient, at the same time. They need to call the attention of your potential client so they click on the link that takes them to your home or landing page, where you’ll give them more information in addition to the 160 characters an SMS can contain.

 The link: another key point 

The link you include in your SMS is another of the most important  points when we talk about organizing a mass SMS campaign. Logically, this link will take clients to a web page. Thus, it needs to be attractive but not too long so as not to waste characters. Take into account that the link needs to be shortened to occupy not so much space and leave it for the actual content. 

Another tip to consider: many smartphones and devices today show a preview of the content (title, description and image, if you place the link by the end of the image and it contains the attributes Open Graph, such as og:image. This can be a great option as it shows all the information at once and this can grab their attention even more. 

If you link your products, you can get good conversion rates and generate traffic because people usually click on these tips of links. This rate will depend on people’s interest in your content and how intelligently you have segmented your public. There are many examples of SMS with a link: call to action, mapping, or adding a link to your landing page. This will depend on your needs at the time or what you consider to be more effective at the time. 

The most important thing, however, is that you define your hyperlink thinking about giving value to your clients and always searching for conversion. 

The Landing page: your next step

For this, a big ally can be your landing page, a website especially designed and adapted to mobiles where you can include all the information you deem necessary. When organizing a good massive SMS campaign, it’s important to configure this web with attention and thinking about their possibilities. 

Try for it to be: 

  • Visually attractive
  • Useful and concise
  • Oriented to conversion
  • Dynamic and usable
  • Mobile-friendly

For this, LabsMobile offers their clients several templates (withou any extra cost), designed especially for smartphones that will let you create an efficient and attractive landing page without knowledge of programming or design. 

Analytics: Measure your results

Once you know what you want to write in your SMS, define the link and the landing page, the only thing that’s left is to send your SMS. But the campaign does not end there. You can still (and should!) measure the success of your communications. Analytics will be your great ally here. 

LabsMobile allows you to know the metrics and results of your sendings so you can have all the necessary information at your disposal (open rate, received SMS…) so you can analyze the impact of your messages. You’ll have access to very interesting data, such as:

  • Delivery confirmation of the operators.
  • Monitoring clicks on the links from the messages.

Precisely, knowing the stats of the clicks, it’s possible to analyze the success of the campaign and detect viral and/or loyal users. Additionally, you can obtain user data like language, location, device… All of this, in addition to being useful for analyzing your deliveries, can also be useful for feedback and segmentation of your database.

It’s also possible to analyze the visits and behavior of users in the landing or website with Google Analytics or a similar program. 

Multichannel strategy: complement it with SMS

Reaching this point, it’s very likely that you think about using massive SMS in your strategy (have we convinced you?), but you may not know how to do this if you are already using several resources. If you have a marketing strategy using certain tools (like email marketing, content marketing, social media…), that’s OK. It’s great and it doesn’t mean you cannot add your massive SMS strategy to it. In fact, it has been proven that clients are more receptive to this kind of communication than the ones from more saturated channels… so it’s not about substituting but complementing. 

How to organize a massive SMS campaign

A good proof of this is, for example, an SMS campaign that sends a URL to a Whatsapp profile as a means of contact to keep on going with the campaign. Cool, right? Well, there are as many combinations as ideas you can have. It’s only a matter of thinking about attractive proposals to combine the different channels. 

Oh, and don’t forget to use SMS as a differentiated channel, adapting your communications and messages to their format so they are more direct and concise.

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