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How to create a database for an SMS marketing campaign?

In the mobile marketing sectors – just like in other areas of personal marketing – contacts are key to getting good results.

To start designing an SMS campaign, you need to construct a database which is accurate, generates conversions and produces results.

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Publication: 01.25.2017
Última modificación: 06.28.2022
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How to create a database for an SMS marketing campaign?

Creating a reliable database means knowing who your contacts are, having information about their likes and needs, and making sure that you have their consent to be on the list. In this sector there is a market for the buying and selling of databases of payment information, but using this type of database is counterproductive: nobody wants a commercial message from a company they don’t know – it doesn’t matter if it’s a recognizable brand or an amazing offer.

Customer rejection of unwanted messages is one of the biggest threats to SMS marketing. To avoid it, use a subscription system resource (opt-in) which ensures that users have consented to being contacted and permits you as a company to utilize customer mobile numbers for personalized campaigns. If it includes an offer or promotion which directly benefits the subscriber, even better.

This method allows you to restrict your list to followers who are truly interested in the product or services you are offering with the SMS campaign. Users will be happy to receive text messages, and will even be more encouraged to buy or consume your products.  

Types of databases

There are various different types of databases depending on different criteria. Below are the three most relevant types.

The first is a company’s own database, which it has created from its providers, clients, or professional contacts that it has been updating over a long period of time, both commercially and personally, on social media or through other methods of communication, digital or print.

The second is the generic, using information which is accessible to the public. You need specific technological knowledge to know how to obtain the data, using web searches to generate lists. But you have to bear in mind that this tracking is regulated, in Spain, by the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD).

Co-registration lists are databases generated with the expressed permission of subscribers, and that come through the campaigns of large companies or promotional websites, and that are shared with advertisers or subsidiary companies. The advantage of this type of database is that segmentation is much better than for the previous two.

You have to bear in mind that the Spanish LOPD law is very strict regarding the privacy of individuals, and it’s very important to remember that all the current restrictions surround generating, modifying and storing a database. The LOPD requires the registration of all databases or files that include personal data of individuals or companies, and the fines that it imposes on companies who violate this can be substantial. You must know the regulations in detail.

Utilizing your own SMS marketing methods to create a database

The keywords and shortcodes are two of the most important tools in all of SMS marketing, and both in a digital campaign (websites, social media etc.) and in a campaign using traditional methods (television, radio, external publicity, flyers, leaflets etc.), it’s very easy to remember a simple word and a five digit number.

The message has to be simple and an incentive: “Get your free gift by sending GIFT to 35355”, along with a breakdown of the advantages and benefits of the product or service which is being presented.

And if you want to get even better results, take advantage of the latest method of communication with both current and potential clients: promoting subscription through email, and at point of sales etc. with a keyword and short code. This is the simplest and easiest way of creating and increasing a reliable, optimized and unique list of subscribers.

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