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How to communicate with your employees through SMS?

Technological advances in these times have given us new ways to communicate with each other. This is very useful in times like these, with the pandemic. Today, most of the world is under some kind of quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading. It is key that your company knows how to communicate with your employees through SMS. 

Companies have to communicate news and other types of information to their employees and cannot do it in person. That is why they have to use safe and efficient ways of communication, like SMS. Text messages have a mass spread without losing their personalized touch. 

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Publication: 04.20.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022

So, the SMS option is more attractive and simple than emails. This happens because many businesses have a database with the phone number of all their employees. However, the same does not happen with their email addresses. These are harder to keep updated in comparison with mobile phone numbers, which is a fundamental element in today’s society. 

SMS Functions

Text messages will allow you to fulfill different tasks. In the first place, it should be mentioned that they are not just messages with words. It’s a more complex system, with preset templates, at times with images, videos, and external links. These allow for a personalized communication with users. 

In this particular use, the main usage of SMS is an informative one. Companies have to communicate with their employees using technology, as they cannot do it face to face. Using text messages, they can send the latest news and decisions, such as directions or ErTOS. 

Given the potential of SMS, and to prevent it from being too long, an important function is to add an external link or a download one. In this way, you can attach an external document that contains more information. For example, a communications letter with an external PDF or certified messages of the company.  

Some functions of SMS for companies 

Communication with SMS allows for other functions that can also be useful. Some examples are: 

  • Greetings
  • Reminders
  • Birthday salutations
  • Invitations to events
  • Completed transactions, like deliveries or salary payment.

Features of SMS

Communications using SMS have some advantages that turn them into a very affordable option. One of them is that they are instant. When a person gets an SMS, there is a very high chance he or she will open it and read it at once. Also, it takes some seconds, as they are not very long. 

As a complement, they are also not very easily forgotten or lost. As they are very short, people usually remember what they read. This is different from emails. Many times, users get a notification but they are busy and cannot read it at the time. Then, they completely forget them. The email might also end up in the spam folder and get lost. 

From the point of view of the company, SMS are quick, easy to program and can adapt to different formats according to your needs. And while they are massive, they also allow for personalized communication. For example, you can always include the name of your employees. Lastly, they have a very high rate of delivery and it’s easy to come up with a database of telephone numbers. 

SMS as a tool for communication

In today’s times, when you cannot communicate face to face with people, it’s important to have the capacity and tools on how to communicate with your employees through SMS

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