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How Much Does an SMS Marketing Campaign cost?

SMS campaigns have been around for a long time and they are still prominent and effective. In general, the costs of SMS are based on the number of messages you send, the country of coverage, and the quality of the messages.

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Publication: 08.20.2018


SMS Marketing Campaigns: What Are They?

In summary, SMS marketing campaigns are an advertising tactic carried out through text messages to mobile devices. The SMS messages are sent to the mobile phones of the customer databases that have previously consented to be contacted in this way. These messages are always regulated by the new data protection law.

As a general rule, SMS marketing campaigns are carried out through mass mail platforms that allow you to edit all of the fields. This is exactly the case for LabsMobile, which uses one of the best modern marketing strategies, the sending of SMS text messages. Therefore you can reach your users quickly, efficiently and economically.

It is not hard to see why SMS was one of the first communication tactics that continues to be successful. More than 90% of customers stay tuned to their smartphones for majority of the day. This allows SMS to be efficient and an intimate communication tactic with the user.

LabsMobile Rates

The prices of a campaign to send SMS are very affordable. SMS may be a little more expensive than email marketing but SMS gets a higher reading rate (98%) and a higher effectiveness for real impact cost (since they never go to the tray of Spam). Also with SMS you can perform actions targeted specifically to your target audience, since the database can be segmented by many parameters.

As mentioned above, the rates of your SMS marketing campaign will depend on the country to which the text message is intended. For example, 25,000 SMS sent to Spain would leave the message at € 0.045. The price for the same amount of messages would be € 0.022 for Argentina or € 0.054 if the destination is Finland. You can see all this using the price comparison for LabsMobile.

Each platform has its own rates, but in LabsMobile the price includes everything: the use of the platform, the SMS Landing editor, it’s designs by sector, free tests, support and statistics. All of these services are included. All you have to pay is per message.

If you are thinking about your SMS campaigns, remember that with LabsMobile the price decreases with the more messages you purchase. You can buy some of our packs and fragment their use at different times, since they have an expiration of 18 months. You can also request a custom quote.

Take advantage of SMS and get closer to your customers with one of the LabsMobile’s promotions and SMS campaigns. You will see how economic and effective it is. Discover the power of SMS.

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