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¿How can you improve your SMS strategy?

Using mass SMS can be a good strategy for your company, bringing multiple benefits to your relationship with your potential clients. It is a great complement for your email marketing campaign since,  according to the latest research, 80% of Internet users search and buy through their mobile phones.

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Publication: 12.09.2019

¿How can you improve this kind of strategy?

In order to improve your mass SMS strategy, it is advisable to run a study beforehand to get to know the audience you want to reach with that specific action. Once you have a clear idea in mind of the type of people and the database you want to target, you can start customizing it. A customized message can cause a much bigger impact and is not directly sent to the spam folder as emails.

It is a good idea to divide your client database into parts and separate each SMS among the potential clients that have never bought your product or service and the ones that have already purchased it and you want to build their loyalty.

Another point to take into consideration is the time and date in which the target audience will receive the SMS. This is an important factor to take into consideration if you want to have a good starting point and for the strategy to be a success. It is not the same to receive a message on Sunday at noon than on a Monday at the same time; the receiver’s reaction will be different.

The contest must be good so as to attract a potential client into the landing page that we suggest in the SMS. For this reason, the link that is sent through the message must lead to a page created just for this purpose.

In addition, there is another factor to take into consideration: for the massSMS strategy to be a success, we need to identify the sender. When you receive a message from somebody you know, you only pay attention to the text, whereas if you do not recognize the sender you usually consider it spam and just do not read it. 

The website we create for this purpose must have an appealing layout and a clear and concise message. Something that the potential client will remember and that leads to that conversion we are aiming at. This makes the use of mass SMS and direct links a very positive strategy.

Polish your mass SMS campaigns

Finally, we recommend that you bear in mind that every mass SMS strategy must be measured. That is to say, you need to establish some tools for measurement or KPI to monitor the campaign based on your objectives. If you do all this, it will certainly be a success.

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