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Hotels use SMS messaging to help improve customer experience

Hotels and tourism in general are a sector that constantly strives to improve their customers' experience; otherwise, a bad reputation can end their business. It is very easy for customers to visit social networks or of online review sites to complain about their experience. We are talking about platforms such as Tipadvisor, Booking or others.

The problem is when they visit the site and leave bad reviews saying things like: bad service, the bathrooms were dirty, the food was cold, it was a very noisy restaurant, the room was small or there was a broken table.

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Publication: 05.22.2019
Última modificación: 10.03.2022

Many of these problems could have been solved if the client had complained while still at the hotel instead of later when he or she returned home.

For this reason SMS can be very useful to assist customers on site.

User experience and SMS

To see why, you have to ask yourself why people do not complain about something while it is happening. It is probably because travelers do not want to wait, are busy or feel some degree of embarrassment when placing a complaint or facing a small degree of conflict, even more so if they are on vacation.

Providing an SMS message service and sending them during the guests' stay can help surpass these aforementioned barriers  This way, the customer receives the SMS with a form they can fill out to make their complaints, requests in an easy, modern and economical way. This also helps the client and the company itself, since it is a more agile process.

SMS in tourism. Hotels use SMS messaging to help improve customer experience

Help customers:

  1. SMS can help customers by providing a quick way to send a request without having to wait. While it is not completely anonymous, a text message is much less contentious than a conversation in person or over the phone.
  2. It gives the client time to write a thoughtful comment and potentially dissipate any anger about the situation at the time a solution arrives.
  3. Ultimately, they will have a better experience as their problems are resolved.
  4. It can also help to dispel the criticism on the platforms we mentioned when they return.
  5. It is fast and modern, since nearly 100% of users have a mobile phone. Also, to receive SMS it is not necessary to be connected to a Wifi network or to have data activated on your phone, since SMS messaging works through another different network.

SMS for hoteliers

They help hotels in these ways:

  1. They engage customers while they are at the hotel. It is there where a happy solution can be achieved more quickly.
  2. They reduce the amount of negative comments on social networks and online review sites.
  3. They provide a single list to the establishment with all complaints and requests, in order to facilitate their monitoring and resolution. In this sense, the LabsMobile platform creates survey forms that you can then see all together.

The solution of SMS for tourism establishments

On a more basic level, SMS help you to communicate and are a direct line of contact or communication with customers. They give each person the opportunity to express their needs. This relationship becomes a basic asset for the business and for the guests' happiness. They will stay loyal to you, since the hotelier offered them exactly what they wanted or needed.

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