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Help with reforestation sending SMS!

LabsMobile is collaborating with Tree-Nation in the tree plantation project to compensate CO2 emissions as a company. Now, it’s giving away trees to clients for the SMS they buy. Also, for each SMS they buy to LabsMobile they will be contributing to SMS carbon emission in two ways: 

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Publication: 03.18.2021
Última modificación: 10.03.2022

  • For the LabsMobile platform and its servers, data centers, communications with operators.
  • For the estimation of emission consumption of sending each SMS.  
  • You can see more information here:

    How does carbon compensation work and how will it be evident?

    The first working day of each month, LabsMobile emits the invoices of recharges, purchases, and consumption of the last month. As of January 2021, each recharge will contribute to reforestation thanks to the project Tree Nation.

    This contribution does not mean that the price of the messages is more expensive, and it also contributes to Labsmobile. On the other hand, you’ll see that LabsMobile has its own forest to see the planted trees:

    We encourage our clients to increase the number of trees and contribute to the Tree-Nation project!

    How do companies create their own forest? 

    Any person or company can create a profile or forest where to plant trees. In addition to giving away trees to other people. In this way (fun and easy), we can create a better world. 

    Criteria of selection of LabsMobile’s plantation for clients:

    • Of all the projects of Tree Nation, we have selected the ones most related to our LabsMobile cliens (Europe and Latin America). Then, you can plant a project in the same country or continent to have the closest impact. 
    • Our clients can see the equivalent in trees and carbon compensated in WebSMS Control Panel. In this way, every user that has bought credits will see the impact on carbon that he or she carried out. 
    • Also, they will create a forest for each user that buys more than 100€ in one month. And they will be planted progressively depending on how much they spend each month. 
    • In every invoice and purchase, you’ll be shown the kg or tonnes of carbon compensated (in addition to the projects and the planted trees).

    Help with reforestation sending SMS!

    Projects that LabsMobile has selected to get started:

    The projects that LabsMobile has selected to plant trees (for their virtual forest and their clients) are in: Colombia, Nicaragua, Perú, Brazil, Bolivia, España, Tanzania, Madagascar, Nepal.

    Image gallery of Tree-Nation’s project in Tanzania. 

    Here you can see the complete list of projects Tree-Nation has: También el bosque virtual de LabsMobile:

    What is Tree-Nation and how can you be part of it to contribute?

    Tree-Nation is a non-profit project that selects and verifies reforestation projects worldwide. It gives detailed information for each project and about each plant or tree:

    Tree-Nation also has an easy integration with companies and ecommerce so it’s easy to compensate their corporate carbon emissions:

    This project has a giving-away component that makes a necessary component viral (that is, reforestation and reversing climate change). 

    There are no additional costs, you only need to pay 0.10€ for each extra tree you’d like to plant. 

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    What are the guarantees of the project? 

    To provide LabsMobile and the clients with a guarantee that the trees will truly be planted, Tree-Nation does not only have one criteria but multiple control levels over projects. 

    All of Tree-Nation’s projects are certified with traceability tools. You can find them among their documents for more transparency.

    Besides, clients will also be able to download their plantation certificate and see all the information about the planted tree, its location, and the project’s advancement. The photos of each project are periodically published in the section “Updates” of the forest. 

    For some projects, Tree-Nation has an additional guarantee: Plan Vivo Certifications or VSC  + CCB. 

    Visit the section “Projects” in the Tree-Nation database at  and you’ll find explanations about controls and validation processes. 

    Complementary documentation for the Project guarantees 

    Here you can find complementary information about the project: 

    For the validation:,

    For control, we have certified and non-certified carbon projects. For carbon certification, a third-party provider that adds another guarantee:

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