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Fashion retail stores boost volume of business with SMS marketing

Customer loyalty is extraordinarily important in the fashion industry. The biggest brands in fashion have long had a clear understanding of this, utilizing marketing channels where customers are the most attentive to the latest trends and stores, whether franchised or independent. In a marketing strategy, SMS campaigns are one of the most valuable ways of increasing traffic to a business.   

There are three immediate benefits to SMS marketing in the fashion industry: an increase in volume of business, growth in sales and customer loyalty.

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Publication: 12.21.2016
Última modificación: 06.28.2022
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Fashion retail stores boost volume of business with SMS marketing.

If you want to know a little more about the best ways to utilize the power of SMS in the fashion industry, we go into detail about some of its uses below:

  • Creating a database of customers

Current or future customers become loyal subscribers to a brand or a store from the from the moment that an effective customer loyalty campaign is launched, and an SMS campaign allows you to create a database of telephone numbers. The best ways of encouraging people to subscribe is to offer them real, exclusive and personalized benefits, with offers, promotions and discounts.

  • Launching new products

The world of fashion is one of the most dynamic sectors in the modern economy. Every year, every season, almost every month new opportunities arise to launch new products. An SMS campaign allows you to spread information about new lines or just-arrived collections to customers.

  • Openings or catwalks

In the fashion industry, the launching of new products, stores, anniversaries…wouldn’t be the same without a party or catwalk. This type of event is perfect for attracting new customers through exclusive, personalized invitations sent with an SMS campaign, which can also capitalize on the store location.

  • Promotional periods, offers and sales  

In modern commerce, periods of promotions, offers and sales have adapted to new trends. In the fashion industry, new collections come out on such a regular basis that products often need to be removed from shop windows and displays and returned to the warehouse. The high turnover of new collections brings a logistical cost which can be reduced by launching an SMS campaign inviting customers to visit the store. Personalized discounts and coupons increase sales, allowing for new products to be rolled in and old stock to be reduced.

  • Alerting customers of different fits or sizes

Sometimes you need to try a few sizes before deciding on the perfect fit. The staff can often get in contact with other stores to find the exact size that the client is looking for, but there is always some uncertainty about whether it will arrive.

Sending an SMS message is the most effective way to inform customers about the availability of products. Immediately being able to tell customers which store the product is available in generates customer loyalty for the brand.

  • Launching online or physical stores

In a lot of shopping centers, franchised shops have to change their location due to a number of reasons. It’s important to tell clients about any changes of location, and how better to do so than with an SMS campaign.  

If a new store has just opened or an online store has just been updated, an SMS campaign with a link to a landing page invites customers to visit the website. Moreover, it also allows customers to sign up, and monitor their purchases and deliveries. For the owner or manager of a fashion retail store, launching an SMS campaign isn’t just a way to communicate with customers. It is also an optimized resource for fostering customer loyalty, even more so for current clients. An SMS campaigncan also serve to attract new clients, however, if you use it right.    

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