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Factors involved in sending SMS messages

Less intermediaries, more reliability and delivery quality.

SMS messaging is an astounding opportunity for businesses. With opening rates close to 95%, no other platform or method of communication exists that can surpass SMS messages – at least in terms of initial impact.

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Publication: 12.01.2017
Última modificación: 02.12.2019

Although companies like LabsMobile specialize in this type of marketing and communication, the client should also be aware of the factors and risks involved in any SMS campaign. This is particularly true for sending messages internationally, where things get even more complicated.

Difficulties of sending SMS internationally

Beyond the basic infrastructure of SMS messages, which uses specific channels to communicate, SMS campaigns can present certain challenges.

One important consideration is the efficiency of a channel. Normally, an international SMS is transferred along a number of networks and various operators. Bearing in mind that these messages are sent from the SMS API of a company that provides this service, it is not as simple as just sending the information from one terminal to another. What are the steps involved?

  1. The SMS is sent from the service provider through an SMS API (for example, LabsMobile).
  2. The provider sends the data of the message to the local operator of the recipient’s country.
  3. The operator stores the message, checking if it is on its network or not.
  4. In the case that it is not on its network, the operator looks for the least expensive route to send the message to the recipient. This procedure time is reduced if the provider’s connection route is of good quality. It is important to note here that LabsMobile only works with the best quality direct routes.
  5. Every intermediary makes a copy of the data, sending it over to the next until the message reaches its destination.

Factors involved in sending SMS messages.

As is logical, the efficiency of a channel is crucial to the message being sent correctly. The SMS should arrive to its destination securely, reliably and immediately, as is the case with LabsMobile.

However, if you opt for unprofessional solutions, there is a possibility that the information will be delayed due a failure of an intermediary on route to the recipient. If a campaign has been planned for a specific date or time, this can have a disastrous impact; for example, if an international marketing campaign planned for the 31st December arrived on the 2nd January.

Less intermediaries, more reliability and delivery quality

The higher number of intermediaries causes delays or problems in the sending of international SMS messages.

Companies that want to send bulk messages or SMS campaigns should focus on the options that reduce the number of steps between sending the SMS and its destination. It is not an easy task to send messages on an international scale. However, if it is done with a trusted provider, results are guaranteed.  

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