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Examples of mass mailings of SMS text messages in e-commerce

Today we would like to show you some examples of how SMS text messages can help you with your online store.

At a time when we use smartphones to send emails and surf the Internet, many companies are turning towards mailings and digital advertising. But are these media more effective than SMS text messages?

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Publication: 04.05.2019
Última modificación: 09.30.2022

Capture customers via SMS

SMS text messaging has more than 4.7 billion users worldwide. This makes it the most widely used communications platform worldwide. With SMS, you can send a direct, concise message to your audience, inviting them to work with you.

For example:

"This Easter, give yourself the gift of a getaway weekend with TavelLabs. Click on this link to find the best deals. "

"Cut the cost of your business thanks to our fully equipped offices. With the Internet, and secretarial and office goods included. "

As you can see, it works in much the same way as a banner. And 98% of all users will read your message!

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Examples of mass mailings of SMS text messages in e-commerce.

Now we will explain some uses of SMS text messages for your e-business:

  • Notices about your e-business orders.

Did you know that you can include links in SMS text messages? You can also automate them using your sales platform so that they include details on other orders or reservations.

You will invest no effort whatsoever and offer an added service to your clients, which will increase their trust in you.

"Hello, Ana. Your order, number CCC617, is on its way, and will be delivered on March 27 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. You can change the shipping details by clicking on this link. Thanks for placing your trust in us."

  • Get shopping carts back using SMS.

Lost carts are one of the major lost opportunities for any online business. Get buyers to come back by sending a text message. You know they are already interested, so it is one of the easiest sales you will ever make.

"Hi, Javi87. We want to let you know that you have not completed your purchase of the BDD98. We just wanted to remind you that you can still place the same order within 48 hours, or ask us any questions you have using this link. See you soon!"

  • Manage repeating orders.

The possibility of automated SMS message mailings makes it a convenient, simple, very powerful tool. You can also insert custom fields (date, customer name, shipping number, etc.), so they are perfect for repeat orders.

"Hi, Alejandra. Do you still have water left in your office? You usually place an order every 15 days, so we'll send you the next one on May 3 unless you tell us otherwise. Have a good day!"

  • Send temporary promotions.

The immediacy of text messaging makes it great for sending out temporary promotions. Only your segmented audience will receive the offer, which may last days, hours or minutes.

"We are celebrating Monday with free coffee! Head over to one of our stores, and start the week with lots of energy. But the offer only lasts till noon!"

In short, the SMS text message is a versatile tool of great interest to online stores. You can automate customized, segmented, very friendly-sounding messages. Would you like to know more about how to use this tool?

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