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Emotions in publicity: more crucial than ever during the pandemic

In this article, we would like to explain what’s the part of publicity during the pandemic and how it triggers emotion. Today, many companies are using emotions during quarantine for their ads. 

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Publication: 05.11.2020
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The relationship between emotions and publicity during the pandemic 

Emotions have always been key when it comes to ad development. However, now more than ever, we have to be aware of this. During confinement, people spend more time at home and can pay attention to publicity. They are also more sensitive to emotional stimuli because, psychologically, this is a tough period. So, taking emotions into account in these moments is fundamental.

Besides, you have to know how these emotions vary along these weeks to use more efficient publicity that truly affects people. You need to carefully select the channel to use the information. In this case, you have to think about channels that can access peoples’ homes, avoiding publicity in walls or ads on the streets.

Emotions in publicity: more crucial than ever during the pandemic.

Another point to consider is what emotions to highlight among the population. That is to say, what feelings we want them to experience? Well, without a doubt, positive ones. That is why we recommend you focus your campaigns on empathy, in solidarity, or in collaboration between people. A confinement situation of these characteristics will improve a lot when positive feelings become strong among the population. 

How do emotions change during confinement?

Despite what we have been explaining until now, there is another variable to consider: emotion variation. There are many studies that show that people feel differently during the first weeks of confinement that when some time has passed. 

And this doesn’t have to do with an increase in positive or negative emotions, but with a decrease in emotions in general. That is, both of them get smoother and people get less sensitive once they have adapted to the situation and have accepted it. 

This doesn’t mean that the feelings of fear, worry, or even anxiety go away, but they do get decreased. So, ads have to adapt to those changes and be flexible if we want them to be effective. 

 Publicity via SMS.

One of the most efficient ways in this situation is to give people the chance to receive ads via SMS. Today, they are always using their cellphones and have additional time to take a look at the things they receive. 

But, taking into account that emotions vary, you need to create messages that are empathetic and increase other positive feelings. The main objective of publicity has always been to create emotion and to leave a mark on people, but now more than ever this is possible.  

That is why we recommend that publicity campaigns look for positiveemotions at all times, that they wake something nice inside people for them to be effective and useful. This can be achieved with videos or photos, but also through writing, finding the right words to touch others.

All in all, publicity during the pandemic needs to be based, without a doubt, in emotions and how these vary within us as days pass by. Generally, there are common patterns between people that should be taken into account to generate the best content in marketing.

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