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Ecommerce trends during this 2022

Ecommerce is an increasingly popular sales format. In recent years, it has grown by leaps and bounds and has established itself in the market as a highly chosen option by users.

The convenience it provides to customers of being able to make their purchases and receive them without leaving their homes is essential. This is reflected in the large number of purchases made from mobile devices.

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Publication: 04.05.2022
Última modificación: 09.29.2022

Looking ahead to this year, e-commerce will continue to take hold, with new trends that will affect the market. Let's see the most important ones.

What are the trends that are coming?

Ecommerce does not stagnate, quite the opposite. They continue to advance and grow steadily. Therefore, new trends are appearing that affect both companies and customers.

  • Artificial intelligence and technology

Technological progress does not stop either, and this is very important for e-commerce. One of the most important aspects that will define this business in the short term is artificial intelligence.

This type of technology is very helpful for users and allows them to simplify and improve their shopping experience. For example, with voice search engines: fewer and fewer people manually type and search for products or stores.

Instead, they use the voice search system on their phone, like Google or Siri on iOS, to search automatically and more conveniently when they find the products they want. This system also allows them to improve personalization in the purchase process.

Your business cannot stay out of this trend, but you must adapt to it. For example, by optimizing your store to be compatible with voice searches. If you do not, you will go unnoticed under this method and you will be losing an important part of the market.

  • Flexibility in payments

Ecommerce has begun to offer greater flexibility in the forms and terms of payment, to adapt to the different needs of consumers. Thus, they get more customers.

Instead of forcing them to use a specific method, and in one payment, they begin to offer more freedoms and flexible options. For example, instalments without interest, or terms of days to complete the payment.

Some businesses are experimenting -or planning to do so- with the payment of different currencies, as is the case with cryptocurrencies. It is still something very new, but it could be implemented in the future. At LabsMobile, we already have this form of payment with cryptocurrencies.

  • Quick-commerce

The speed at the time of deliveries is becoming increasingly relevant. Users, already using this purchase format for some time, are becoming more demanding and do not want to wait a long time to receive their products.

What's more, a late delivery process is one of the main reasons a customer cancels a purchase and leaves your site.

There appears Quick-commerce, a variant that specializes in express shipments, which arrive on the same day and even in a few hours.

Not all businesses can use this format. What you can offer is a fast shipping system, which is made on the same day or within a maximum period of 24 hours. These shipments have a higher rate, but today's customers prefer greater comfort, paying a little more money.

  • Sustainability

Caring for the environment and sustainability is very present in society, to the point that many customers choose products or brands based on their position and action on these issues.

Those businesses that offer sustainable products and are committed to the environmental fight, along with other social causes, have a better image in front of customers.

For many, it is a requirement when making a purchase.

LabsMobile collaborates with TreeNation on the reforestation of forests around the world through SMS purchased on the online platform. This helps mitigate climate change.

  • ReCommerce and Upcycling

Two very important trends are taking place in the world of e-commerce.

The first is known as ReCommerce. It consists of the resale or purchase of second-hand products. For example, receiving a discount on a new product by giving away an old item.

The purchase of second-hand products has increased greatly in the last two years, and it is expected to continue during 2022.

On the other hand, Upcycling refers to the recycling of clothing, manufacturing of new products, and also the improvement of clothing. This trend is being used by important companies, which give a second life to the clothing of customers who bet on its repair.

In the same way, new clothing items are made using recycled fabrics and resources from old products.

Ecommerce trends during this 2022

Therefore, recycling, repair, and second-hand purchases are strong trends that will be seen in eCommerce this year.

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