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Do you want to improve the return on your SMS marketing investment? Here we explain to you how

SMS marketing is not like most marketing because it has a limited space to express and communicate an idea or action that one may want the user to do. Only 160 characters. They can be more if they are concatenated messages, or they can be less if they are Unicodes. And that is why we must think of a message where we prioritize THE DEAL or the relevant INFORMATION.

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Publication: 08.09.2019
Última modificación: 09.29.2022

Good and bad examples of SMS

Let's take a look at this message and then analyze what kind of impact it could have on a company's ROI.

Example 1

Hi, I'm glad to see you here. Get a 10% discount on your next visit! Reply YES to request. Text OFF to unsubscribe.

In the previous message, neither the name of the recipient nor the name of the sender is included. This is a very big mistake since it is not a personalized message nor does it include an easily identifiable sender. The deal is poorly identifiable between the message and the clear slogans of what has to be done. Having to reply instead of doing an action implies more expenses for the company (a reception message) and a non-productive, non-direct action by the client. In this case, it would be easier to link them to a website or give them a promotion code for the store. 

Now we propose a better example of the same message:

Example 2

Hi Raul, I'm glad to see you here. Get a 10% discount at our store with the code PROMO 2010! Do not miss it. This week only. 

Why does it matter if an SMS is well written or poorly written?

The conversion rates in the SMS are generally quite high, with a high percentage return on investment as well. But if you also improve your messages, you can increase your advantage against the competition even further.

How much it can increase your company's ROI really depends on the number of subscribers you have, on your database. If you have very few subscribers, you will barely notice a small increase, but if you have a large database it can be surprising.

Do you want to improve the return on your SMS marketing investment? Here we explain to you how

Let's see some made-up numbers:

Company A has 1000 subscribers in its database. If you modify your messages and improve them you can get 5% more in your conversions. That would only be 5 customers. 

Company B has one million subscribers. An increase of 5% is 5000 customers.

It is obvious that 5000 customers can buy more than 5 customers. 

It can also be that the five customers of company A earn €5000 but those are very specific companies.

Examples of well-written messages:

Manage a good message and create a good deal with LabsMobile.

As we have explained to you if you create a well-managed message and if you have analyzed your customers well you may increase conversions.  

At LabsMobile we have an account manager that will help you create your account, do the tests and create your first campaign with the best text message. 

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