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Do they charge me for the SMS I don’t send?

One of the main questions people ask themselves is if every SMS, even those that are not sent, should be paid. Fortunately, LabsMobile has a platform that only charges you for the messages you actually send. For this, it works with a system of credits, that are only used when an SMS is sent. 

Credits are a sort of “internal currency” in LabsMobile and they can be stored in the users’ account. They are used only when you send a text message. Thanks to this tool, you can plan your marketing campaigns and then use only the SMS you need to carry it out.  

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Publication: 02.17.2021
Última modificación: 09.29.2022
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How do credits work?

The system of credits was created to make it easier to buy SMS, unifying their value worldwide. The price of text messages is not the same everywhere but it varies according to country. For this reason, credits work as a sort of internal currency within the platform. 

Each of the users can purchase credits using their credit card or making a bank transfer (in some countries, you can find additional methods available). Once you complete the purchase, the credits are stored in the clients’ personal accounts, ready to be used. They will only be used when sending an SMS, that can be:  

  • Sign up message
  • Minimum monthly volume
  • Account fees
  • SMS not sent

How can you purchase credits? 

The credits can be purchased in different ways. They are available withing different packs that vary in number and price. For example, the smallest package is 200 SMS, while the biggest one is 250,000 SMS. The biggest the package, the cheapest each message will be. Another available option is to buy the exact number of SMS you need. 

One of the main advantages is that credits are universal. This means that they can be used to send SMS to the whole world. It’s not necessary to buy credits specific to each country. 

Do they charge me for the SMS I don’t send?

Credit usage

When sending an SMS, the platform will show you how many credits you need. As we said before, the price of the messages is not the same in every country, but it depends on where you need to send them. Besides, you need to consider what type of message to send. Some examples are the standard message, the concatenated, certified, or Unicode ones.

Credits are stored in the clients’ account and are used exclusively to send SMS. Then, it’s only necessary to pay for messages that are actually sent. For example, if a marketing campaign expected to send 20,000 messages but ended up using 15,000, the ones that are left will be available in the account to be used later. 

The LabsMobile credits have an expiry date within 18 months. During that period, they can be used at will. For more information, you can contact us at

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