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Discover the best software to send SMS massively

When sending SMS massively, you’ll need te best software. Mobile phones are very common today, so much that Spanish people spend almost 4 hours a day using them. With that information, you cannot dismiss the potential of SMS. Particularly when considering a marketing campaign

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Publication: 05.21.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022

The potential of sending SMS massively. Discover the best software to send SMS massively.

Mobile phones have been becoming more and more important, so much that today many people are unable to let go of their phones. They are used for practically anything, from doing shopping to being in touch with friends or as a camera. This, though you might not believe it, generates a myriad of opportunities when it comes to mobile marketing. A person that navigates through their phone is more prone to know about the offers and promotions that he or she can get. 

When it comes to this situation, you can act in different ways, but few of them will be so direct as sending an SMS. With just one message, sent at the right time, you won’t have trouble reaching your public and even increase your sales. 

Discover the best software for sending SMS massively.

SMS are ideal to support a marketing campaign, as you’ll have to trim down your message while making it as attractive as possible. You won’t have space to beat around the bush, so you’ll need to elaborate your messages so they are catchy from their preview window. Also, this type of message gives you a lot of room for personalization. You’ll also be able to integrate it into a campaign that uses other channels or to re-direct your objective public to a website. 

In a very simple way, you’ll reach more clients. But you’ll only be able to achieve these results if you have the right platform. And from LabsMobile we can help you. 

What makes LabsMobile unique

The WebSMS app that we offer you will allow you to manage the sending of SMS and monitor different aspects. For example, you can access related stats, your contact list, billing, and other data that will help you develop your campaigns in a simple way. Besides, the interface that you’re going to use is very simple and intuitive, so you won’t have any trouble getting used to it. 

You’ll have many pre-designed templates available to send your first SMs and you’ll also have the option of creating messages that send people to a landing page. This is a way of calling the attention of your possible clients or sending them the latest offers. Nothing is better than a short but attractive message to achieve your goals. 

And the best thing is that using the platform is free of charge: you only need to sign up to our web page. This way, you’ll have the option of using a potent tool without cost. 

Is there a relationship between email marketing and SMS?

You may think that carrying out a campaign using emails has nothing to do with an SMS, but you are wrong. Email marketing is so saturated that most people don’t pay attention to them, something that does not happen with SMS. Also, you take the risk that this personalized email you’ve worked so hard on ends up in the spam folder. 

With an SMS as support, your clients will always know about your campaigns and will try to read your messages, as this is a channel that is not so saturated and all the phones equally get them. 

All in all, the best software is the one that gives you great results for a good price, something that we definitely achieve in LabsMobile. With our platform, you’ll get to your audience: no more, and no less.

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