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Discount codes for LabsMobile: recommend us and get money off!

Apr 19, 2016
Discount codes for LabsMobile: recommend us and get money off!
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Discount codes have now arrived at LabsMobile! Spread the word of the LabsMobile project so that more companies and professionals get to know our services and the benefits of SMS communication.

To get this off the ground, we need the help or our clients and contacts! We’ve added a brand new section to the WebSMS application for our clients to recommend us and get access to discount codes and offers on their next purchases or top-ups. We’ve set up three methods of recommendation and promotion.

Discount codes for LabsMobile:


  • Email invitations. Send an email to a friend, client or colleague recommending they set up an account with LabsMobile. Both the new user and you will receive 50% off your next top-up. For every person you invite that uses LabsMobile’s services you’ll get a 50% discount code!
  • Support on social networks. To thank you for supporting us on social networks, following LabsMobile on LinkedIn or liking our page on Facebook, we’ll give you a discount code of 2 euros for each social network.
  • Share on social networks. For sharing the LabsMobile project on your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, you’ll receive a discount code of 5 euros for each social network.

All of the coupons and discount codes will be added directly to your account, and you’ll be able to use them on any top-up or purchase of SMS credits. You’ll find the coupons available on the lower part of the second step of the purchasing process.

Head to the Recommend LabsMobile section of your account menu to read more information about the recommendation process.

 What are you waiting for? Recommend us and get money off your next purchase. Help us to grow and spread the word about the LabsMobile project!