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Deferred sending of SMS

When carrying out an SMS campaign, there are different types of sending messages that can be used. In LabsMobile, you can choose between basic SMS, group SMS, scheduled SMS, instant message, and more.

To further improve the service, a new type of SMS has been incorporated: deferred sending. Let's see what this is about.

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Publication: 06.13.2022
Última modificación: 09.28.2022

What is deferred shipping?

Deferred sending is a tool that allows you to divide bulk SMS messages into different segments or subgroups, with the same number of messages but spaced by time intervals.

The user has complete freedom to choose the number of deferred messages, as well as the interval time, measured in minutes.

There are two main options for deferred shipping:

  • Schedule a deferred delivery with date and time
  • Start the deferred shipping process with a “Start” button.

All the deferred shipments that are yet to be sent can be found in the “Scheduled Pending” menu. From this section, shipments can be canceled, scheduled with a new time and date, or, on the contrary, start sending them immediately.

How is a deferred shipment made?

The process to create deferred deliveries is very simple, similar to what happens with scheduled messages:

  • Enter the LabsMobile SMS Form, either basic or group mailings
  • Select the specific field of day and time, choosing the desired parameters for sending.
  • There will be an additional option, intervals. There we can select the period for deferred shipments. For example, from 10 to 10 minutes.

After completing this process, they will be saved in the scheduled messages menu, where you can make changes or cancel the delivery.

Deferred sending of SMS

What are the goals of deferred shipping?

When choosing deferred sending as an SMS strategy, it is possible to define two main objectives.

The first is to space the possible actions and responses of the recipients of the messages. This means the action that we want to achieve in the user with the SMS, which can be: a response, web visits, calls, dialogues, chats, etc.

By spacing out messages, a higher quality service can be provided, with a longer communication time with each user, improving the effectiveness and delivery rate of messages.

In addition, by having a period between the sending of the messages, the data of the campaign and the effect achieved with the SMS can be better analyzed.

The second and very important objective is to reduce the classification of the SMS sent as SPAM or unwanted messages, by avoiding the filters of the telephone operators and the users' own devices.

By having a space of minutes between messages, there is less chance that they will be classified as SPAM, and that they will be lost before reaching the clients. This allows them to be quality content, increasing the delivery rate of messages, which is already very high, almost 100%.

If spam filters are avoided, the SMS campaign can be developed effectively and successfully, achieving almost total delivery of messages and achieving the desired response from recipients.

Deferred sending of SMS

LabsMobile improves its service even more with the deferred sending of SMS. It is a process that allows messages to be sent in time intervals, in minutes, to improve delivery and user responses.

If you want to add SMS campaigns to your company, don't think twice, LabsMobile is the ideal option!

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