Published: Apr 11, 2019
Last update: Sep 28, 2022
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Create and send holiday offers via SMS

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Create and send holiday offers via SMS
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Marketing campaigns via SMS continue to be a tremendously effective way to approach consumers when it comes to offering a good product.

Holiday offers via SMS are a paradigmatic example of the type of business which this model fits so well. That’s why we will explain why and how you should do it.

Why do commercial SMS work with the customer?

There are several reasons why SMS is working as well as an advertising communication channel in recent times. And, very especially, in the tourism and holidays sector.

  • Firstly, because it is a highly seasonal product: commercial SMS campaigns for this type of packs are usually offered in specific months. Usually those immediately before Christmas, Easter and at the beginning of the summer.

This means that the customer does not end up saturated with messages and would, therefore, not prefer to unsubscribe from the service.

  • Secondly, because it is an acquisition that fits very well with the idea of a certain exclusivity: a small fad. Something that is not bought every day, but that is usual. Without being seen as either as excessive nor wasteful. Exactly the prototype product that customers pay attention to in a commercial SMS campaign.
  • Third, the situation of the channel, the classic text message, is unbeatable. Although it may seem a bit counterproductive, the truth is that posting this type of messages in ordinary communication leaves them in the right position to be a form of familiar communication without being invasive.

This is the perfect way for the public to accept reading the SMS sent to them. The WhatsApp or the personal social networks of the customer are not reached. Something that can be understood as a bit rude nowadays.



Some examples of holiday offers via SMS

The most effective is to launch the most striking promotions in different short advertisement SMS campaigns. Always in texts that start with the keywords which we want the client to see. Faced with the possibility that they don’t open it to see the details: destination and price, for example, to late give further details and a form of contact. «Baltic capitals for €550!», Followed by «6 days and 5 nights with» and then the name of our company and a link.

It may also be interesting to offer exclusive discount codes for customers who receive such messages. This helps to generate the idea that the recipient belongs to a select group of customers.

SMS offers: prepare and send holiday offers via SMS

The truth is that the offers of holidays via SMS work well on their own and this is a sector in which this type of campaigns are always very well received.

LabsMobile helps you throughout this process of creating campaigns via the WebSMS or API platform.