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Create a new mobile-adapted website and send it out by SMS text message

Marketing experts have discovered that text messages are always opened. This is one of the main reasons why sending text messages with a company's mobile-adapted website or brand has become quite a commercial strategy for companies.

Contrary to what some people think, mobile text messaging is more exciting than ever because of the power of texting and its prominent successor, the RCS (Rich Communication Service) protocol. 

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Publication: 08.21.2019
Última modificación: 09.28.2022
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Sending out text messages: messaging evolves 

In the past, texting did not allow for sending files, links or rich text. Fortunately, mobile technology has evolved considerably, in such a way that you can now send out your own mobile-adapted website.

You can send out text messages with adapted web links, as well as starting to see new RCS technology at work, as it is about to arrive in Spain and change the landscape completely.

Companies and brands are starting to be seduced by the advantages of text messaging. It is a marketing strategy that has nothing to do with those implemented in the past. Luckily, interactions have become much better targeted, allowing us to offer fully interactive customer service. 

Create a website adapted to new mobile phones and send it out with text messaging

Why do people continue to wager their bets on text messaging? A message from WhatsApp or any other application may be ignored, or never even opened. SMS text messages have a much higher opening rate, though. This is why companies in all sectors are devoting some of their efforts to designing websites in a mobile format, so they can send such messages out to their potential customers. 

How to take advantage of SMS Marketing

The world of text messaging is much larger than it seemed at first. Rather than becoming a second chance to send out unsuccessful email messages, the strategy can provide other important benefits, including:

  • Increased customer loyalty and retention.
  • The possibility of including a smart chatbot to improve customer service. 
  • Creating communication that is much richer visually.
  • Greater competitive potential compared with other brands. 
  • An increase in the number of end conversions and, therefore, sales. 

Keys to creating text message links

In order to take advantage of all these advantages, you must learn to design the best possible links for sending out in text messages. 

To do so, your message must be concise and direct. To carry out the task, you get 160 characters or more (SMS Unicodes) to communicate and always associate your text with your brand. 

Last of all, we advise you to use https: // instead of www, because this makes it possible for message recipients to see a preview of the website. This feature depends on the mobile phone used by the recipient. 

LabsMobile, the best platform to create text messages with links

With LabsMobile you can send the messages you want with adapted landings or included links. Within the platform, you will find all the features that allow you to manage needs in every step along the way. Here you can check out all of the features in the LabsMobile platform.

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