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COVID-19 tracker via SMS: the new tool

The new tool via SMS developed by Public Health is a tracker to identify COVID-19 close contacts. In this way, people can be isolated in time and stop the chain of transmissions when it comes to the virus. 

Using an SMS, suspected cases will be notified and all their close contacts will receive an SMS into their phones. 

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Publication: 10.08.2020
Última modificación: 09.28.2022
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This is one of the new Public Health mechanisms to reach people massively and cut the contagion chain. 

SMS communicationin this case helps to stop the pandemic giving support to public health administration to cut the contagion chains. 

How do these SMS work?

COVID-19 tracker via SMS: the new tool

The is a digital tool created in Catalunya that allows people to report the news to their close contacts as soon as they get test results. In case these results are positive, the SMS will indicate what to do and will come with a couple of questions to see whether these people are at risk or not if they catch the disease.

All this information will always be confidential and the epidemiology team will not share data. Plus, all the SMS are 100% safe. 

The SMS will also contain indications that a PCR should be done and information about being isolated until the PCR test results arrive.

In case this PCR is positive, the person receives a second SMS and this message will be used to inform their contacts using a mobile database.

SMS Communication for Public Health

At LabsMobile, we have explained many times the ways SMS can be used in hospitals or clinics, but, in this case, the Health Department has taken one step forward. They are given concrete support to people when it comes to the COVID-19 disease. 

Through SMS, you will be able to access the online tool through a link and then know how you should isolate yourself in your home, do a follow up of symptoms, or even ask for permission not to go to work. 

In this sense, massive SMS help improve the whole communication system by giving more information about the disease and about the tasks to carry out to stop the virus from spreading. 

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