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From email to SMS: convert your emails into SMS

Emails are a powerful communication tool, but we know that it is often normal to ignore them. This is due in part to the abuse of spam and the large number of emails received each day. Hence, switching from emails to SMS is a good alternative to be able to deliver your messages to your potential audience or customers.

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Publication: 08.14.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022
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Streamline communications, convert your emails into SMS

Consumers increasingly value the customer service they receive from the companies from which they buy products or services. Therefore, we must seek increasingly effective methods of communication.

We know from our own experience that emails are often not opened by their recipients. This may be due to diverse reasons:

  • They do not have Internet access at that time.
  • They ignore commercial communications. Or emails end up in their spam folder.
  • They have reduced the number of email queries to improve their productivity.

All this makes our communication with companies more difficult. But we must not give up; we need to look for alternatives to improve communications. Turn your emails into SMS and you will have achieved your goal of reaching recipients.

It has been shown that what we cannot resist is to check our mobile phone. We all carry it all day long and we check it every few minutes to see if any notification has arrived.

From email to SMS: convert your emails into SMS

The result is clear: if you send an SMS instead of an email, the recipient is much more likely to read it.

But there is a big step between emails and SMS. While in an email we can express ourselves without limits, in a text message we cannot write too much. How can we solve this?

The simplest option is to convert the SMS into an email. There are tools today that allow you to do this easily and quickly. Let's see how.

Steps to convert an email to a text message

All you have to do is write the email with the message you want to send as you normally would. Then, instead of sending it to the recipient, you send it to the platform that provides the email-to-SMS conversion service.

Your message automatically becomes an SMS that arrives directly at the recipient's mailbox. This ensures that the person will see it long before an email.

It is a very useful marketing alternative, but it also speeds up communications with your customers. You can even use it within your business environment for urgent communications with employees.

Moving from email to SMS is really simple and practical; all you need is a quality provider who offers this service. You should try it now! LabsMobile is your platform to make this process easier.

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