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Clean your SMS contact list

In the business world, having a databaseis very important to reach success. Having information about regular clients and, most importantly, about potential clients is essential. Marketing campaigns use info taken from databases to work, whether it is through SMS contacts or email ones.

Yet, it is key to update the database regularly, and most importantly, to clean it. What do we mean by cleaning a database? The answer is simple: checking that the phone numbers are real and that they are still working.

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Publication: 11.21.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022
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There are many reasons that lead people to change their numbers. If they are not cleaned regularly, these contacts take up unnecessary space in the database.

Reasons why one should do a regular cleaning

The success of a marketing campaign depends on the users receiving the messages that one sends. So, if they are sent to numbers that do not exist, it is very likely that one will not get the desired results. And one is paying for unnecessary texts, as they are never going to arrive.

Cleaning a database of phone numbers is very important for many reasons.

  • The first one is related to the strategies of the campaign and its statistics. If one uses contacts that do not exist, this will affect negatively the final results that are included in reports.
  • The second factor is economic. As we said, having fake numbers leads to losing money. SMS campaigns cost money, which is wasted when one sends messages to users that do not exist.

 Renting a database

Another aspect to bear in mind is renting a database. If one has wrong info, one is giving money for something that is not true. From the opposite point of view, the owner of the database that is letting it with old information will soon lose credibility and find it hard to get new clients.

This is why one needs to make sure that he is renting updated databases. The problem is not necessarily that some info is lacking, but it could also be that it is obsolete.

People change their phone numbers for different reasons: they move to a new service provider, they lose their phones, they break their SIM cards, or maybe they just want a new number.

 How to clean the database

There are different techniques to check the validity of the contacts in the databases. Regarding phone numbers, the best is HLR Check or HLR Lookup.

These methods are useful to see the status of the phone number. That is to say, if the number is real and valid, together with its status.

One also gets additional info, like the network they belong to.

This tool is very useful to get rid of invalid numbers and to make databases grow. LabsMobile offers this service, within the WebSMS app.

One only needs to have an account on the site and use the option HLR Check. The price of the service is individual for each number one checks, though it is possible to buy different packs.

Clean your SMS contact list

In this way, having a database that is always updated and fresh makes the campaigns easy and their results clear, and helps to save money. This is why LabsMobile recommends that you clean your database with this tool that we offer.

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