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Cheap SMS: send messages from an SMS server to all your clients

SMS messages have become the best complement to promote your business. Next, we will explain why LabsMobile is the option you need to reach more clients. 

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Publication: 08.07.2020
Última modificación: 06.16.2022

What is an SMS server?

This is a platform that allows you to send cheap SMS from your own company. Besides, you will be able to add every type of content to every message to make it more attractive. You can schedule the sending process, increase client loyalty and, above all, save the cost of promotions in your business with ease.

LabsMobile's platform features 

This software is one of the most efficient because of the features it includes. Among other actions, you will be able to do this:

Sending cheap SMS from any device

You will only have to choose the receivers to send the number of SMS you want in just seconds. The SMS API allows for mass, personalized sendings and you can also send:

Having different sending devices 

Basic, automatic, from the agency, from a file, from your notebook, scheduled, with a template, with a personalized sender, a personalized message, certified SMS. Choose the most suitable way for your interests. 

Landing webs en SMS

You can send the main web as a link, design in different modules, personalize your design and content, send proof of your campaign and even follow it using Google Analytics.

Making a case study of the results

Every campaign's metric is very easy to interpret. Monitor the messages you send, export the list of SMS, confirm the time and date of every message reception, create a stat report of the messages you sent and the clicks people make. Similarly, it allows you to enter each campaign and compare their results. 

Other important devices 

You can program the software to your taste, in the way you prefer. Besides, you can buy packs or refills thanks to a safe and reliable system of credits. You can also make use of an agenda and a database that makes it easier to manage your client list and analyze their behavior. 

So, Visual Basic programming for integrating an SMS API is the fundamental pillar of a successful marketing campaign that can help you sell more and make your business more profitable. Each SMS' personalization and periodicity will help you achieve even your more optimistic objectives. 

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