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Certified SMS, messages with legal validity

A certified SMS offers a convenient, secure, and low-cost communication solution that allows organizations and individuals to obtain irrefutable proof of their SMS communications with third parties.

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Publication: 05.06.2019
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

What does certified SMS offer?

A certified SMS provides a certification, with legal validity, of the subject of the message, the date when it was sent, and the date when it was received by the recipient by using verification of tracking and acknowledgments of receipt from the operators participating in the communication. This service is comparable to other types of telematic means that are currently available, such as certified letters or burofax (a certified fax service in Spain).

Certified SMS can be used to send to third parties any notification that needs to have a follow-up or a notification of delivery with judiciary validity. The result is in the form of a PDF file that certifies (with date stamp) that a message has been sent to a physical person or a supplier, obtained in a convenient, fast, and affordable way, in a single action.

Certified SMS with legal validity

Certified SMS have the same legal validity as a burofax or a certified letter since they have the same characteristics and applications, but at a much lower cost.

It is signed digitally by the operator that is responsible for making the delivery and is validated by a digital signature made by a certifying entity to prevent any type of modification. The result is an SMS with legal validity.

This certification procedure has been subjected to judiciary criteria that give it the effectiveness, validity, and admissibility in the legal management of electronic communications and notifications. In addition, different international law firms have conducted the study and evaluation of this process to verify that this communication system is secure and valid.

The process of sending and receiving a certified SMS is the same as that of a conventional message, but with a small additional cost. There are companies that provide web applications or APIs to facilitate the delivery.

Benefits of sending certified SMS

The main advantages of using certified SMS:

  • Massive Send certified documents to a multitude of people in a short time, intuitively and easily.
  • Immediate. Obtain a verified proof of communication via SMS in seconds.
  • Environmentally friendly SMS messages and digital documents replace physical media such as paper and ink, helping to preserve the environment.
  • Cost-effective The cost of sending a certified SMS is much lower than the cost of any of the conventional forms, such as a certified letter or burofax. In addition, all of the administration is automated and conducted online, resulting in savings in the management costs.

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