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Campaign Designs of Creative and Efficient SMS

Digital marketing has become an essential resource for every company that looks to grow fast and increase their number of clients. The design of SMS campaigns, in particular, has taken a significant role in recent years. With a database not only current clients can be reached but also new ones. However, this does not refer to a common text message but rather a to more complex system that mixes texts with images, videos, links to webpages, among other elements. 

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Publication: 10.14.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022

Types of Resources Via Creative SMS

Advertising campaigns through SMS can be creative when different formats are used. For example, a QR code can be scanned to get access to the content, or SMS Landing calls can also be used. Both methods should have certain characteristics to be effective: they have to be easy to comprehend and visually attractive. They should also offer fast navigation and have a clear definition of objectives. 

Campaign Designs of Creative and Efficient SMS

1 A QR code is similar to a bar code. It can be read with current mobile phones and it gives the possibility of sending different types of content. When it comes to advertising campaigns, with this code it is possible to link websites or even specific files that will be downloaded once the code is read.

This is useful, for example, to send a product catalog to regular clients or vouchers with discounts. In addition, a QR code can be sent so that these people enroll in a draw. The possibilities are big!

2 On the other hand, SMS Landings are virtually synthesized webpages within a text message, specially optimized for all types of mobile phones. In ea, texts can be mixed with images while using virtual resources and links to more complete pages. This type of resource is attractive and effective. To make SMS Landings visually appealing and efficient, it is essential to use correct images mixed with typography, colors, etc. In addition, it is crucial to define their objectives and to know the clients well.

Campaign Designs of Creative and Efficient SMS

For example, a house that sells sports items has to know its clients’ tastes so they can send an SMS offering different types of products according to the sports practiced by the clients. Even the colors of the teams that clients are fans of can be included. A restaurant can use this tool to send a new dish that is about to be offered, emphasizing the picture of the food. Another interesting option is to offer geolocation, for example, when a new shop is opened to show where it is located and how to get there.

When to Use SMS Landings?

There are certain moments when an SMS Landing campaign can get positive effects. A welcome message to new clients who make their first purchase is a good option. Also, congratulating a client on his/her birthday can strengthen the relationship with that user. During key moments of the year, like Christmas, celebration messages can be sent together with a special promotion. 

The use of SMS Campaign Designs is a key marketing tool in any company’s development. They give the opportunity to create strong relationships with current clients and even to get new ones!

For those who have problems when designing templates or simply wish to save time, LabsMobile offers a service of pre-designed templates easy to modify. You can also add your new designs if you prefer. Make every SMS count!

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