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Buy SMS with crypto coins

Crypto coins and the blockchain are becoming more and more popular in our lives. And they are a part of reality rather than an investment project or speculation. Their usefulness in the economy is very present. In the last few months, big platforms, companies and fields are choosing this technology that will surely transform the way financial operations are carried out. 

Concretely, buying through the internet with PayPal or Shopify with crypto coins is now possible. And eCommerce is one of the fields that can be the most benefited and consolidate crypto coins as a real payment method. 

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Publication: 05.10.2021
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

Some of the advantages of paying in crypto are very basic but you may not know about them. We’ll explain them next.

Advantage of paying for SMS with crypto coins

The main advantages of this payment method include: 

  • The possibility of paying from any country or region without being limited by financial entities.
  • A confirmed transaction in just seconds or minutes depending on the network used.
  • Pay fees only to the crypto coin’s network of your choice. These are known fees, distributed between the different entities that keep the network and they are always the same.
  • Simplicity to carry out a transaction because they are made online with a direction that identifies the wallet to which you want to send money.

Other benefits of buying SMS with crypto

Besides, these are some other benefits or advantages of crypto coins: 

  • Worldwide system without restrictions.
  • No physical support. 
  • Divided transactions. Any crypto coin can be divided or partitioned in an infinite number of decimals so transactions of any amounts can be made. 
  • Anonymous system of sending and identifying wallets.
  • Resistant to disasters or partial failures because it’s in a de-centralized database.
  • Without intervention. This means that nobody can modify or steal the money from a wallet without a password and there’s no third-party that can block the system.
  • An exponential growth of projects and institutions that learn about the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

But you should also take into account certain disadvantages.

Issues to consider when buying SMS with crypto coins Algunos inconvenientes o desventajas:

  • A high volatility that makes it risky to invest or save money in crypto.
  • A technological barrier that makes it difficult to use crypto daily by a certain number of people.
  • A low number of companies have adopted this method for payments today.
  • There’s a risk of regulation by governmental institutions.

Buy SMS with crypto coins

Following this tendency, from the month of April onwards we have made this payment method available, using the main crypto coins for all the active accounts on LabsMobile.

LabsMobile is global and we have coverage in more than 200 countries. Our services can be hired and consumed by companies and entities in any country and the receivers of SMS can also be anywhere. So, crypto coins are an ideal payment method for a project like LabsMobile. 

Using the platform Coinbase ( and its product for eCommerce (  we have integrated it with our WebSMS platform to pay using the following crypto coins.

BTC – Bitcoin

BCH – Bitcoin Cash

ETH – Ethereum

LTC – Litecoin

DAI – Dai


In the future, we’ll also incorporate the crypto coins that Coinbase adds to its eCommerce product.

Any purchase or recharge in LabsMobile done with crypto will have the same validations and guarantees that exist for other payment methods. In this way, the account will need to be validated and an invoice will be submitted with all the details of the client and the transaction. 

Steps to follow to purchase with crypto coins in LabsMobile

How to purchase with crypto coins:

  1. Access your LabsMobile account.
  2. Access the purchase form in the WebSMS app. 
  3. Select the number of SMS or credits to buy.
  4. Select the payment method “ Cryptocoins- Coinbase” 
  5. Once in the checkout of Coinbase, select a cryptocurrency or use your account if you have one already.

 For more information, you can contact the LabsMobile support team.

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