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Benefits of SMS in the logistics sector

Recently, online purchases have been becoming more and more popular. People choose to buy from the comfort of their home and have them deliver to their addresses. This makes companies pay more attention to their logistics department.

With the holiday season and Black Friday coming, purchases increase and the delivery of packages becomes more important. They should arrive on time while keeping a good and constant communication with clients.

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Publication: 11.26.2021
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

In this sense, SMS appears as a very useful tool to improve the effectiveness of tasks. With text messages, there are many benefits to be obtained so as to take advantage of them in the field of logistics. Let’s see how.

Benefits given by SMS

Text messages are characterized by speed and massive sendings. This means that thousands of messages can be sent in just seconds. Besides, they have a high open rate which means that almost all the clients will receive and read those messages.

When it comes to logistics in particular, you can obtain different benefits:

  • The first of them consists in improving the productivity of your employees by reducing repetitive tasks. SMS allows you to eliminate some recurring tasks that take too much time, such as individual calls with clients. So, employees in the logistic areas can redirect their efforts to other types of tasks. There’s even a function in LabsMobile that allows you to program text messages so they are sent automatically at a certain date and time. For example, if next Monday you are sending a big amount of packages, you can program an SMS to inform the clients about the sending of their packages and estimated deliveries.
  • One of the advantages is the improvement of the relationship with the client and their experience when buying and receiving packages. In general, users who purchase online like to know about the status of their products, whether they are on the way, possible delivery dates, stock incidences, etc. SMs are an ideal way to communicate with the client at all times and increase trust in the brand.
  • Establishing positive relationships with clients is very important, as you’ll achieve a higher retention rate: users will be happy with their purchases and will choose the brand again, instead of looking for another business to buy their products.
  • SMS also allow you to reduce costs, because they are affordable, especially when measuring their impact (98% of open rate right after sending them). Small and big businesses will benefit from using text messages and will see a high return of investment.

Lastly, SMS are very positive in the area of customer support. First, employees will be able to have multiple conversations simultaneously instead of spending a lot of time on phone calls. Secondly, communications initiated by clients will also decrease because they will already have the information they need by receiving text messages.

You can also use SMS in polls to obtain feedback from your clients and observe their level of satisfaction. Through their answers, you’ll be able to discover what you can do to offer a better service.

The uses of SMS for the logistics area 

Besides the benefits they give, text messages can be used in different ways in what’s related to logistics and digital sales.

The main uses are:

  1. Confirmation of orders: with a text message, you can notify the client that their order has been processed successfully. You can also add an external link with more details.
  2. Delivery reminders: the most common thing is for users to receive their packages at home. With an SMS, you can remind them about a delivery date so they can be present to receive them.
  3. Package tracking: another alternative could be to send the client a message so they follow the details of their order. With a URL, you’ll be able to observe the situation and you won’t have to notify them every time the package moves.
  4. Delivery confirmation: a simple message can confirm a successful delivery confirmation.
  5. Delivery failures: if the delivery of the package cannot be completed (because the person was not at home, for example), you need to notify the client. Inside the message, you can let them know about a new delivery date or you can even give people the option to select the one they prefer. For this, you can use an SMS Landing, that will show them a form to complete.

Benefits of SMS in the logistics sector

The effectiveness of the area of logistics is very important, especially during the holiday season, when sales increase exponentially. SMS is an ideal tool to optimize the processes and make them more efficient. With LabsMobile, you’ll be able to integrate text messages in your logistics area with all the features you need for your employees to carry out their tasks comfortably.

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