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Automation of SMS messages: what is it?

Automation of SMS (text messages) makes reference to the different ways in which you can program, personalize, or activate this type of notifications. In this way, you can automatically send them to your clients just when you need them. 

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Publication: 08.21.2020
Última modificación: 09.27.2022
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Message automation: what messages to send

SMS are quick, fun, and personal. Thanks to your text message automation, companies can be in touch with their clients in the most effective moments. This is one of the least invasive and more personal marketing tools we can find today in the digital world.

Among the most popular messages you can send your client in an automated way are:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Delivery notifications
  • Offers, alerts, stock products, and interesting promotions for your clients. 
  • Sending personalized discounts
  • Information about openings, schedules, etc. 
  • Personalized messages like birthday greetings, special dates, etc.

What elements can you personalize?

The automation of messages allows you to personalize certain aspects so the client feels he is important for us. Among the elements you can tailor are: 


If the user receives an SMS with your name, this will have much more impact than with general SMS. So, you can take advantage of this feature to: 

  • send a welcome message
  • offer a discount or personal incentive


If you have an online store, you will often find the problem of the final mile. This is a problem with the end stage of delivering the product: when the client has to receive the package and the address is wrong. 

To avoid giving the user a bad buying experience, you can personalize an SMS and let them know when the delivery is going to arrive. In those cases, you have to include all the relevant information you can offer so the user can choose what to do and make an informed decision. 

A shopping cart 

One of the biggest problems of ecommerce is that many users leave the shopping cart before finishing the purchase. To encourage them to keep on buying, we can send SMS where we remind the client they have scheduled an order and invite them to pay for it. 

It’s important not to send a generic message, as the user can feel annoyed and not finish the purchase. On the contrary, if the SMS is simply a reminder that there are products in their shopping car, the client can remember at that time the reason why they chose these products and finish the process, which is what we want them to do. 

Automating post-sale messages

Sales do not finish when we deliver the product or service but it has a more extensive path. The client will value you also because of your concern you show after they purchase, and SMS can help in that respect. 

Sending a thank you message, keeping them informed about new promotions, reminding them for future appointments, or a follow up are ideas of messages you can personalize. When automating them, you can make sure they reach the client in just the right moment, without forgetting any user.

Automation of SMS messages: what is it?

All in all, automating text messages has become a powerful marketing tool between clients and companies. It has many personalizable elements so the SMS has the biggest impact possible. With automation, you can make sure the messages are on time and reach the correct person.

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