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App to integrate SMS in Make - Integromat

Send SMS using LabsMobile node for the platform (Integromat). Use Make’s platform to integrate the node for sending SMS and integrate our SMS communication platform. 

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Publication: 11.21.2022
Última modificación: 06.08.2023
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App to integrate SMS in Make - Integromat

Integromat allows you to connect apps and automate workflows with just a couple of clicks. This is a great integrations platform that allows you to visualize, design and automate your work in just minutes. 

Register at to access Make-Integromat’s services and you’ll be able to automate SMS sendings with any compatible service on Make-Integromat. 

The main companies and Internet services are already integrated. There are thousands of possibilities at your fingertips. 

Steps to use LabsMobile’s node


Install the LabsMobile’s app and follow these steps: 

  • Enter Make-Integromat
  • Go to the following link:
  • Clickinstall 


Labsmobile’s app 

  • In the first place, you’ll need to enter your credentials for LabsMobile. That is, the email address you used to sign up and the password or API token. 
  • If you only want to make a basic sending, you just need to choose the action Basic Sending SMS  and enter the phone number you’ll be sending your message to in the field Number phone and enter the message in the field Message SMS.
  • In case you want to send a scheduled message, you need to select the action  Scheduled sending SMS, where you can choose date and time for the sending. Finally, you have to indicate the phone number in the field Number Phone and message in the field Message SMS
  • You need to validate your credits. You just have to choose the option  Account Credits 
  • Click on the Run node to start the LabsMobile app.


Basic Operations

  • Basic SMS sending

Basic SMS sending

  • Scheduled SMS sending

Scheduled SMS sending

  • Credit inquiry

Balance request


Practical cases

  • Google calendar notification via SMS 
  • Massive sendings from Airtable 
  • Sending credit notification via Slack
  • Credit notification using Discord 

Google Calendar notification via SMS

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