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Advantages of SMS services via e-mail

In order to make information to reach users as quickly as possible, you can use SMS services via e-mail. This is just like writing an e-mail, but when it goest through the LabsMobile platform it reaches the recipient's mobile as an SMS.

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Publication: 11.15.2018
Última modificación: 11.15.2018

What is the SMS via e-mail service?

There are multiple advantages to be gained with this transformation of sending sms by e-mail, starting with instant advertising to customers.

E-mail is usually not checked constantly, but any user who receives an SMS will tend to open it instantly. This is the biggest advantage of this SMS service via e-mail. It can also be used to send the same message to several recipients at the same time.

How is this sms e-mail service used?

First you must write your message as if it were an e-mail, and choose whether you want to send it to just one person or more. You will need your clients' e-mails; once you have located them you will be able to send the messages without any problem.

Then we, via our website, will do the work of converting your e-mails to SMS.

Once these two steps are done, customers will automatically receive an SMS with the information you wanted to send in the messages.

Most important functions of sending sms via e-mail

  • You can customize your sender by adding a name instead of a phone number and feel closer to the customer.

  • You can receive notifications when the customer opens the message, or if there was a problem sending it.
  • Connect easily with customers without having to write message after message.

    SMS services via e-mail will provide direct and secure advertising to your customers. Use it to send explosive messages with good promotions. You can use it as a complement to e-mail marketing, or as a unique and economic means of communication.

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