Marketing agency, events and sms marketing campaigns

Bulk SMSLanding messaging campaigns for large brands, and to hold and manage sporting events.

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Irene Santiago explains in this interview how her marketing agency utilizes SMS communication, and in particular, LabsMobile applications.

Irene's agency promotes and manages large sporting events. They always incorporate budget for sending SMS campaigns due to the good results they've seen.

Irene highlights that they can measure the success of each campaign by tracking delivery and every click. They are then able to segment users and quantify their audience.

The Agency evaluates that nearly 100% of recipients open and read SMS messages, a huge advantage in particular when compared with other methods of communication.

This client was one of the first to use the SMSLanding service, and has had very good results. She has been able to send campaigns, surveys and forms easily and quickly with the LabsMobile platform.

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  • I'm really pleased with LabsMobile's API. In a few hours we were able to integrate our website and CRM and send SMS text messages.
    Hosting company manager
  • Our mobile applications verify the mobile numbers of users via SMS. We regularly send SMS messages to more than 10 countries with no problems.
    Mobile application developer
  • We use the LabsMobile web application every day for sending SMS campaigns. The user interface is simple, intuitive and has all the features we need.
    Marketing director
  • We offer SMS services through our website. Thanks to the LabsMobile platform and their API, we've customized all of the applications with our brand.
    Reseller and CEO of a communications business
  • We love the web application for bulk SMS. The results and reports help us to analyze the success of the campaign.
    Communications manager of a textiles company
  • We confirm client appointments every day using text messages, to prevent no-shows. We are really happy with the price and support that LabsMobile provides.
    Beauty salon manager