Changelog - WebSMS

  • API Parameters: creation of a new field to include a URL for receiving SMS from virtual numbers.
  • Support: resolution of errors in the creation, response and resolution of tickets.
  • Services and credits by country: updated detailed information by country (coverage, route quality, virtual numbers, specifics, mobile format, etc.).
  • Sending forms: improved visualization of the characteristics of each country (sender, mobile format, available services, limitations and restrictions, etc.).
  • Sending forms: Deferred sending to segment bulk sendings in time intervals.
  • Send from file: Unicode characters substitution to GSM standard characters when the text includes special characters in the Excel template and Unicode sending has been disabled in the Account Preferences.
  • SMS Landing: removal of the geolocation functionality of a web landing page (for compatibility and non-recommended use) in the Landing editor.
  • Settings: new Custom domain field to be able to send short links with the client's own domain.
  • General: new section Support->API Parameters with all the information and API configuration.
  • Attachments: process of validation of files and urls to include in the content of the messages as links. All these attached resources must be validated for redirection or display to work properly.
  • Message history: new status Approved for those messages that can be confirmed as delivered by the device of the final recipient. This new status means that the message has been validated and approved by the local operator and that the delivery process begins in the GSM network.
  • Message history: inclusion of the subaccount filter.
  • Statistics: inclusion of the subaccount filter.
  • Text templates: compatibility with any Unicode character (emojis, symbols, etc.).
  • General: improved visibility of application buttons (capital letter).
  • General: improved visibility of Select fields (standard font).
  • Message history: export in Excel file (.xls) in the results.
  • Groups: export in Excel file (template .xls format) of a group of contacts.
  • Contacts: export in Excel file (template format .xls) and text file (.csv).
  • Contacts: maximum capacity of records or contacts per account (500,000).
  • Contacts: column display of added contact information fields.
  • Importing contacts: maximum number of records or contacts per import operation (50,000).
  • Importing contacts: preview of the results of the import process (contacts detected, duplicates, wrong format, correct and by country) both in manual import and through a file.
  • Blacklist: export in Excel file of the content of the account.
  • Send from file: substitution of characters not allowed by similar characters in a standard SMS.
  • Reloading process: possibility of downloading a PDF document with all the data to make a payment by bank transfer (bank details, amount and reference).
  • Reloading process: disabling the recharge process for an account with a custom domain (white label - reseller).
  • Reloading process: temporary blocking of the payment process when the account is pending validation (once the first purchase has been confirmed).
  • Attachments: creation of a new Attachments section that unifies the old Files and Links section.
  • Statistics: creation of its own server for generating graphs in image format for statistical reports in PDF documents.
  • Statistics: optimization in the generation of graphs, design and calculation of statistics.
  • Send from file: improvement in the interpretation of the schecdule date field. Acceptance of more types of format (text, date, number, etc.) in this field.
  • Invoices: correction on the date of issuance of the next invoice.
  • Reloading process: complete visualization of packages/price ranges in the first step of the purchase process.
  • Reloading process: modification in the conditions to accept payments by bank transfer. Payments are accepted by transfer of any value from accounts domiciled in the SEPA (EURO) zone. And also transfers from any country and currency of a greater amount equivalent to € 500.
  • Reloading process: unit price adjustment according to public prices ( and daily update of conversion rates.
  • Reloading process: modification of bank details for recharges made by bank transfer.
  • Reloading process: inclusion of the payment method with cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, ETH, DAI, LTC, USDC) through the Coinbase Commerce project.