Create a custom landing

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This tutorial explains how to create a web landing with the WebSMS application. You can send an SMS campaign with a link to this landing and track the clicks of the users.


Log into your WebSMS account

After sign up a new account you will receive a welcome email containing the initial password. You can access your account by entering your username (registration email) and password in


Enter the Landings section

Click on the LANDINGS section of your account menu. Here you can see and manage all the landings saved in your account.


Create a new landing

Press the Create new landing button and you will access the list of available templates. Select the most appropriate template by pressing the button located at the bottom (+). Next, a copy will be created in your account that you can customize in the Editor.


Enter the landing editor

You will access the Editor of the selected landing. The screen is divided into: main menu, secondary menu that shows the configuration options or modules. And finally, the landing divided into modules.


Save the modifications

At any time you can save the changes made to the landing by pressing the Save button located at the top right of the Editor.


Enter the configuration data

These are the main configuration data that we recommend to inform in all landings:

  • -General - Name: internal name of the landing within the WebSMS platform.
  • -Web parameters - Title: title that will be displayed in search engines and that any user who visits the landing will see.
  • -Web parameters - Description: description that will be displayed in search engines and that any user who visits the landing will see.
  • -Web parameters - Preview image: image to be seen when sharing the link of the landing and that will be shown as a preview image of the SMS link.
  • -Design - General color: all modules will be adapted to this color.


Add or remove modules

Add the modules that fulfill the purpose of your landing. You can filter the module type in the main menu. Remove the modules that are not necessary in the context menu (in the upper right corner of each module).


Customize the content of each module

Modify the content (text, images and icons) of each module.

  • - Text: you can modify the text in the module itself and change the layout (font size, font, etc.) in the options menu.
  • - Images: click on the image to import and edit the image in the options menu.
  • - Icons: click on the icon and select the desired icon in the drop-down list of the options menu. You can also add icons in the text with the contextual text menu.


Configure actions and links

All images, icons and buttons may have an associated action. The actions are configured by selecting the item and configuring the type of action in the options menu. The possible actions are:

  • - Internal link: link to the content of the same landing.
  • - External link: url to any online resource.
  • - Call: the user's device will initiate a call to the specified phone.
  • - Send SMS: the user's device will start sending an SMS to the number and with the specified text.
  • - Send email: the user's device will start sending an email with the indicated recipient and subject.
  • - Open map: the user's device will open Google Maps at the specified address.
  • - Share in Whatsapp: the process of sharing a text in the user's Whatsappapplication will begin.
  • - Unsubscribe link: a link will be assigned to the withdrawal form associated with the Blacklist.


Send a test message

You can try the landing by clicking on the Send test SMS button located in the upper right corner of the Editor. A pop-up window will appear where you must enter the mobile number that will receive the test SMS with the link to the landing.


Select the landing from the sending form

Once the edition of the landing has been completed, you can select it as a link from any sending form in SEND SMS - Send basic or SEND SMS - Send to agenda. To include the landing it must be selected in the dropdown at the top of the message field.

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