Maqueens, beauty salons

Appointment reminders, SMSLanding campaigns and direct communication with clients.

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Amelia Torres is the owner of MaQueens, a beauty school with a number of salons over Barcelona. In this interview, Amelia talks about her business and how she uses LabsMobile's SMS services.

MaQueens has been sending SMS messages since 2013, and has experienced a huge improvement in its communication with clients. Reducing the time it takes for staff to liaise with clients, the business can now concentrate on its core services.

Every day, reminders are sent out via SMS to all the clients that have appointments the following day. These reminders reduce absences and ensure that cancelled or missed appointments can be filled.

MaQueens has also sent out bulk lead capture campaigns with SMSLanding. The content of the campaigns are usually special promotions to old customers, making sure that all courses are as full as possible before starting.

Amelia underlines the ease and simplicity of the WebSMS application. She also values the ability to directly communicate with clients, as well as the service's low cost.

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