TripMedic, medical appointments abroad

Sending confirmations, evaluations and reminders for medical appointments via SMS.

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Interview with Olivier Marquès, who talks about his TripMedic project, how he utilizes LabsMobile SMS communication and the benefits that he's seen.

Using SMS messaging, TripMedic has managed to set up a more direct method of communication between doctors and patients, sending confirmation messages, appointment reminders and evaluations by text. An important feature here is being able to send SMS messages to patients from any country, that aren't located in their country of origin and who might not be able to use data roaming.

Olivier explains the system of automation designed for TripMedic, which ensures that fast responses are sent to every customer's telephone number. One important factor to highlight is the low-cost tariffs, which make this method an ideal method of communication.

TripMedic uses the LabsMobile API directly integrated with their care system for patients located in a number of different countries including Spain, France, Italy and Germany etc.

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