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Products and Services SMS how to SMS services Sep 27, 2021

The WordPress SMS Plugin

Digital marketing today is a fundamental tool. It’s based on taking advantage of different technological tools, for example, to make a business more efficient. One of the best methods to develop a digital marketing strategy today is using SMS. Text messages have a lot of advantages like its velocity and fast reception but they also…

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imporove open rate sms
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SMS how to SMS Marketing Sep 01, 2021

How to improve the open rate of your SMS

Text messages are an ideal choice to carry out a digital marketing campaign. They are superior to other communication channels, like emails or phone calls, for two main reasons. First, because they are quick to be sent; second, because of their high open rate. Naturally, people are predisposed to open SMS because they are easy…

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LabsMobile news SMS how to May 10, 2021

Buy SMS with crypto coins

Crypto coins and the blockchain are becoming more and more popular in our lives. And they are a part of reality rather than an investment project or speculation. Their usefulness in the economy is very present. In the last few months, big platforms, companies and fields are choosing this technology that will surely transform the…

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