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Personalize sms
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SMS how to WebSMS application Dec 01, 2020

Personalize senders and names in SMS

When carrying out a marketing campaign, the main objective is to obtain the best possible results. This is in addition to their objectives (which can be selling products, making people subscribe to a service, completing a poll, among others). For this reason, you will need to use all the available resources. One of them is…

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Stats LabsMobile
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SMS how to WebSMS application Sep 29, 2020

What stats does LabsMobile offer?

Marketing campaigns using SMS can be effective and beneficial for a company. However, it’s not enough to carry out this campaign. It’s also very important to study and analyze the obtained data. From there, it’s possible to understand the success and reach of the process.  LabsMobile’s platform gathers all the information about text messages. Besides,…

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