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SMS Marketing SMS news Jan 04, 2024

5 SMS trends for 2024

In the world of digital communication, SMS continues to be a fundamental tool. More and more companies are using text messaging to communicate with their customers. With 2024 approaching, several trends are anticipated that will transform the way businesses and users leverage text messaging for communication and marketing. Below, we explore the 6 most prominent…

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Marketing SMS Marketing Oct 26, 2023

Earn characters in your SMS Copy

The main objective, whether of a person or a company, when sending SMS is to capture the attention of the recipient (and, many times, also achieve an action). Achieving this goal is not easy and we must use all the available tools within the little space we have available. In this article, we want to…

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Marketing SMS Marketing SMS services Oct 28, 2022

BLACK November 2022 in LabsMobile

Take advantage of Black November in all your SMS campaigns! LabsMobile is launching for one more year an amazing promotion during the whole month of November that gives you a 20% discount in the price of all your SMS campaigns.  We offer our experience of more than 10 years in the SMS sector and personalized…

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