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Financial entities Insurers Public administration Success SMS stories Nov 15, 2021

Collect debt with an SMS: examples of collection messages

Unfortunately, every company is exposed to certain clients falling behind on their payments or even having debt that starts to accumulate. These situations have become more common lately because of unstable periods like the pandemic and other unexpected situations that arise.  As a company, maybe you’ll find yourself in the obligation of constantly reminding your…

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Financial entities Jun 18, 2021

An SMS guide for banking entities

SMS marketing has three important features for banks: efficiency, security, and trust. Discover them in this SMS guide for banking entities. Digital marketing is more and more important and one of the areas that has grown the most is the use of SMS. It is the ideal option to communicate with clientes in the most…

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Financial entities Legal Products and Services Public administration SMS services May 06, 2019

Certified SMS, messages with legal validity

A certified SMS offers a convenient, secure, and low-cost communication solution that allows organizations and individuals to obtain irrefutable proof of their SMS communications with third parties. What does certified SMS offer? A certified SMS provides a certification, with legal validity, of the subject of the message, the date when it was sent, and the…

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