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Human Resources SMS services May 06, 2020

How to motivate your team and encourage online work

Our society is living difficult times. Because of the new coronavirus and the global pandemic, a lot of drastic measures had to be taken in different fields, especially in the business one. Social distancing and quarantine are common situations around the world, that made many non-essential companies close. How to motivate your team and encourage…

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Human Resources SMS services Support May 16, 2019

SMS meeting and appointment setting

For people that work in the SMS business, the fact that people spend a lot of time immersed in their phones is actually a good opportunity for business, as well a useful tool for the functioning of any business. How? Thanks to the possibilities for setting up meetings or appointments through SMS. SMS are used…

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Culture Human Resources Leisure SMS services Support Jan 21, 2019

SMS for events: the possibilities that SMS offers for the organization of trade fairs, exhibitions and events

SMS messaging offers some very interesting possibilities when it comes to organizing trade fairs, exhibitions and events. In a sector that often involves contracting and coordinating large teams of temporary staff at short notice, it allows you to save considerable money and time on both producing and promoting the event. Sending bulk messages makes planning…

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