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Administration Ecommerce Loyalty Marketing Sales Feb 14, 2022

SMS SUCCESS STORY: Women’s Clothing E-Commerce Business

“With LabsMobile, thousands of SMS were delivered in 3 seconds, a complete success” How to Improve User Experience and Communication via SMS Starting Point Our women’s clothing e-commerce store sells women’s clothing and accessories to over 60,000 users. This e-commerce business has managed to position its brand in just 2 years and retain its customers…

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Administration SMS services Support Feb 25, 2021

Collection Notice through SMS

Marketing has evolved due to the latest technological advances. The new elements allow for better communication between the company and the client. In this way, digital marketing was born. This process was made even quicker due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many businesses had to use new communication channels all of a sudden. Among this…

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Administration SMS how to Jul 06, 2020

How to create a database with Excel?

The main element of an SMS marketing campaign is the massive sending of those messages. For that, it is necessary to have a database with the phone number of clients and users that will be the receivers of the campaign. For that, having a database is crucial to achieving success. In this aspect, Excel is…

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