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How to motivate your team and encourage online work.

May 06, 2020
How to motivate your team and encourage online work.
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Our society is living difficult times. Because of the new coronavirus and the global pandemic, a lot of drastic measures had to be taken in different fields, especially in the business one. Social distancing and quarantine are common situations around the world, that made many non-essential companies close.

How to motivate your team and encourage online work.

So, the alternative is to work from home. Many companies are lucky enough to be able to work in this way. Employees can perform their duties from home and carry out the same, or very similar, tasks when it comes to daily work.

However, employees working from home does not mean that companies and managers have nothing to do. Quite the contrary. It’s very important for them to be present, to motivate their subordinates, and to improve the work environment, even from home. 

How can you encourage the home office?

One of the first measures to take is to make sure that all your employees have the means to do their work. As the main resource, of course, they need to have an Internet connection. With that, many fields, like marketing, finance, sales, or customer support can keep on working. 

Even if today most people have Internet at home, you need to make sure the connection is stable, for example. Also, if you ask them to use an app, you should help them install it and use it.

The chief or manager of the team has a fundamental role to take when it comes to the home office. He will not only be in charge of supervising tasks but should also promote communication within the team. Good communication between members makes them more productive. 

One of the best techniques is using SMS. Using templates, you can send messages in a fast and effective way. Also, you can personalize them to have a more direct connection with each person and make them feel part of the team. 

Motivation when working online

One of the most important components for success at work is motivation. Keeping one’s morale and spirits high is key in employees. If this is achieved, then productivity when working from home will be really high.

There are many resources to use and measures to take. For example:

  • A chat group: achieving that all employees together with the managers are communicated in one group is a way for them to feel some kind of belonging. Besides, when there is no personal contact, they can interact on a daily basis. 
  • Team meetings using video calls: this option lets them use the visual factor. Meetings using video calls have a positive effect because partners can look at each other’s faces and feel less lonely while isolated.
  • More informal communication: even if a bit of time off work is lost, you can promote the humanization of talks, so each employee speaks about how they feel or how was their day.

These situations, in normal conditions, would take place naturally while working, so it’s good to promote some informality when working online. 

LabsMobile helps you during confinement

Working from home, then, is a great option to keep on carrying out tasks during these times of crisis. However, it’s important not to leave employees on their own but try to be close to the whole group. A great tool that can help with this task is LabsMobile, with its platform to send SMS. In addition to giving them resources and services to continue their tasks, they will keep constant communication and increase their productivity as much as possible.