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Uses for car dealers
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Automotive Marketing Sales Support Mar 14, 2022

SMS Success Stories: uses for car dealers

“SMS communication with our clients is fundamental, a way to reach to them exclusively, amost without noise” STARTING POINT This group of dealers with thousands of customers at their different points of sale in Spain contacted LabsMobile in February 2020 to find a way to communicate with their customers exclusively, without the noise that emails…

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sms success story
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Administration Ecommerce Loyalty Marketing Sales Feb 14, 2022

SMS SUCCESS STORY: Women’s Clothing E-Commerce Business

“With LabsMobile, thousands of SMS were delivered in 3 seconds, a complete success” How to Improve User Experience and Communication via SMS Starting Point Our women’s clothing e-commerce store sells women’s clothing and accessories to over 60,000 users. This e-commerce business has managed to position its brand in just 2 years and retain its customers…

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tourism in sms
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Hostelry Leisure Loyalty Marketing Restoration May 25, 2021

SMS in tourism, a crucial ally

During these times, SMS marketing has become the preferred strategy by many companies because of the direct contact it has with clients. Besides, it’s effective because the person that receives the personalized SMS may feel flattered and taken into account by the company that sent the message. As regards tourism, many companies also use SMS…

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