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what is Robinson List
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Legal SMS news Apr 15, 2021

What’s the Robinson list?

Digital marketing campaigs are very common today. Many companies use digital tools to make their businesses more efficient. And one of the most-used channels is SMS, though phone calls and emails are also very useful.  In some cases, to achieve their objectives, these campaigns can be invasive or annoying for receivers. Especially in the cases…

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SMS Work
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Administration Legal SMS services Apr 08, 2020

Signing documents via SMS

In these days, when we’re living in confinement almost all over the planet, it is essential to adapt the company to new ways of working remotely. One of the needs of these businesses in high-demand is sending documents to employees, providers or clients.  Signing documents via SMS is a very simple and quick way to…

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certified SMS
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Financial entities Legal Products and Services Public administration SMS services May 06, 2019

Certified SMS, messages with legal validity

A certified SMS offers a convenient, secure, and low-cost communication solution that allows organizations and individuals to obtain irrefutable proof of their SMS communications with third parties. What does certified SMS offer? A certified SMS provides a certification, with legal validity, of the subject of the message, the date when it was sent, and the…

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