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SMS services May 09, 2017

How to use SMS messages to quit smoking?

SMS messages used to help people give up smoking are short, direct and supportive comments which inform the patient of the options they have open to them to improve their health condition. People living in both so-called developed countries and developing countries use mobile phones. Similarly, everyone around the world suffers from one of the…

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SMS news Mar 14, 2017

Amazon to use drones for its deliveries, monitored using SMS messages.

Amazon has created a delivery tracking service based on sending SMS messages using the shortcode. Amazon is one of the world’s leading ecommerce companies, placing emphasis on immediacy and punctual delivery. For make the delivery process even more efficient, Amazon is considering utilizing drones, and to cement confidence and reputation among its clients, it provides…

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LABSMOBILE pizza hut en
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Success SMS stories Dec 21, 2016

Pizza Hut increases sales with SMS marketing strategies.

Ordering takeout usually involves picking up the phone and calling a restaurant, who then deliver the food to your home. Large chains in the catering industry such as Pizza Hut have utilized SMS marketing for many years to increase the number of orders customers make through their app, which makes service more efficient, attracts customers…

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