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Hostelry Leisure Loyalty Marketing Restoration May 25, 2021

SMS in tourism, a crucial ally

During these times, SMS marketing has become the preferred strategy by many companies because of the direct contact it has with clients. Besides, it’s effective because the person that receives the personalized SMS may feel flattered and taken into account by the company that sent the message. As regards tourism, many companies also use SMS…

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Restoration Retail SMS Marketing May 19, 2020

Send catalogs via SMS to your clients

Messages between a company and its clients are very important and, because of that, sending catalogs via SMS is a communication strategy that can be very favorable to promote your business. This type of message is instant and efficient. This way, it can achieve many more users than by sending publicity using the mail, as…

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Leisure Marketing Restoration SMS Marketing Jul 20, 2016

SMS promotions for businesses with ‘off-peak’ periods or quieter times

The efficiency of SMS for businesses with quiet periods is undeniable. SMS marketing has proved to be an extremely useful tool for sending SMS messages to attract new clients, as well as consolidating customer loyalty among existing clients. An effective SMS marketing campaign involves creating and sending out promotions to clients who are used to reserving appointments…

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