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Phone number database: Create your own base before the second wave of confinements.

Jun 29, 2020
Phone number database: Create your own base before the second wave of confinements.
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The creation of a phone database of your clients can become decisive for your business to remain active in case of new confinements for COVID-19. Digitizing your business in times of uncertainty is a smart bet to succeed.

Without a doubt, this situation has brought about a radical change in society. A big number of companies have had to reinvent themselves in these circumstances. For companies that need a lot of clients, this has been a tough blow. For others, the opportunity of focusing on digital marketing has become a way of growing. 

And mobile marketing has been one of the most fundamental steps. This is a method that has been consolidated as it has been growing in the last few years. In 2013, according to BI Intelligence, the investment in marketing was 6%, but today it rose to an impressive 43%.

Advantages of an SMS campaign

SMS campaigns to promote your products or services are one of the most effective marketing tools. They are direct and affordable, but there are not so many companies that have discovered its benefits. Among its advantages we speak about:

– They are a good investment. The cost per SMS is usually around 0,06 €. You can use messages to send offers and promotions, send informative files, catalogs, or services. But you can also send SMS as a confirmation of sales: anything that fits inside 160 characters.

– In times of Whatsapp, an SMS generates enough curiosity for readers to open them. Make the most out of this exotic element and look for your place ahead of your competitors.

– Clients don’t need to have an Internet connection to receive messages.

– Use SMS as a hook for people to enter the company’s website. With a link inside the message, you’ll be able to direct the client to your page and offer them more products and services.

– You can monitor how effective the campaign is by analyzing the answers your messages have generated among your clients. 

Phone number database as a guarantee of success

Among our services for SMS campaigns, we offer to rent a phone number database for their commercial use.  That is why it’s a great idea to create client databases in case of future confinements so that companies can keep on promoting their products or services using SMS campaigns without their business being affected by preventive measures.

Of course, and taking into account the updated law of data protection, all the numbers that take part in our phone number database have been validated and comply with the legal requirements to be part of it. We make up this database thanks to our work with a great network of contacts that have certified databases that can be used for specific campaigns on demand.

In December 2018, the  Ley Orgánica 3/2018, de protección de datos y garantía de los derechos digitales started and it protects personal data from consumers, clients, and users.

Between the measures to highlight is the use of data only for treatment and specific ends. Also, there is a certain period for the conservation of this data and, once it’s over, the data is destroyed or blocked. These measures guarantee that personal data from clients that make up these databases are safe. 

Discover mobile marketing and give impulse to your company by creating phone databases for your next communication campaigns.