What is it?

It is an on-line web application for sending SMS messages and managing a LabsMobile account.

In the WebSMS application you can manage all services such as credit recharging, statistics or delivery results, preferences, contacts calendar, billing, etc.

Índice aplicación WebSMS

Looking for something?


  • Landings web with SMS

  • Landings web as SMS links

    WebSMS users can create landing pages to include links in bulk messages or SMS campaigns. These landing pages can be created based on customizable templates and track each click and visit.

  • Landing page templates

    Landings web with SMS - Landing page templates

    The WebSMS application has an extensive catalogue available of customizable landing pages and content for any campaign. All templates have been created by professionals in design, usability and marketing to obtain the best results and ensure optimization for mobile devices.

  • Design in interchangable modules

    Landings web with SMS - Design in interchangable modules

    The landing pages have been created based on small modules or elements. These modules that make up a landing page can be added, modified, personalized, ordered or deleted. Landing pages can therefore be adapted to any function or design.

  • Customization of actions and links

    Landings web with SMS - Customization of actions and links

    All actions and links present on landing pages can be modified and personalized. Links can load internal or external links, prompt a phone call, download files, send a message or notification, share content on social media, or open a map indicating a specific address for example.

  • Customization of content

    Landings web with SMS - Customization of content

    The content of any template can be modified with the WebSMS landing page editor. You can change any text, button, icon, image etc. This feature, along with the modular design, means that the landing page can be adapted to any campaign or purpose.

  • Customization of design

    Landings web with SMS - Customization of design

    The design of every landing page can be customized to suit any purpose or corporate image. In particular, you can modify colors, typography, images etc. However, some limits and values must be respected in order to fit in with the graphic design and mobile optimization.

  • Testing messages and campaign simulations

    Landings web with SMS - Testing messages and campaign simulations

    The landing page editor can send tests so users are able to see what SMS messages will look like and view the landing page on any mobile phone. Landing pages can also be visualized on any browser and changes can be seen in real time.

  • Geolocalization of visitors

    Landings web with SMS - Geolocalization of visitors

    All visitors to a landing page can be geographically located to log the position of users. Permission is requested from recipients and the exact location of mobile devices is then included in the click data.

  • Tracking with Google analytics

    Landings web with SMS - Tracking with Google analytics

    To track the behavior of users on a landing page, you can also incorporate Google analytics code. You can therefore see all the information and browsing statistics of the landing page.

How much does it cost?

The WebSMS application is free.

All users registered with LabsMobile have unlimited access to WebSMS.

How can I activate it?

  • Sign up for free, create a user account here.
  • After signing up, you will receive a username and password to access the WebSMS application.
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